Ready for Spring

top- Old Navy
skirt- H & M
boots- Old Navy
music- The Royal Pendletons- No Teasin' Round

This weather needs to stop teasin' round with me! This morning it was 70 degrees and when I emerged from the windowless soul-sucking dungeon I call work 8 hours later it was about 45 degrees. Quit that already! I am so ready to break out my summer dresses and really dirty beloved pair of teal espadrilles. But currently I picture the weather(like that adorable cloud in the Pixar short before Up) shrugging its shoulders and saying "eh?" before dropping 30 degrees, dumping gallons of rain on us, and then becoming extra warm and making the buttercups bloom too early. (There are some in my front yard! I was so happy too see them! minus the too early part)
I am totally exhausted and may or may not be planning on exploring illegal avenues to watch the Wire and/or consuming half a Little Caesar's $5 pizza in the next 30 minutes. Little Caesar's $5 pizza(and its alarmingly close proximity to my house) is like instant Netflix...I can't decide if it's the best or worst thing to ever happen to me.



top- H & M
tube top underneath- my mom's from high school
jeans- Forever 21
flats- Urban Outfitters
headband- Modcloth
music- Mouserocket- All Been Broken

I love this top but it really needs to get out more. The only other time I've ever worn it was a very memorable viewing of Beowulf 3-D back in '07, which chemical enhancement led me to believe was the funniest movie I'd ever seen. I also didn't realize it was animated til about 30 minutes in, and tried to name our pizza cutter Hrunting when we got home from the movie.
ANYWAY. This is the second feather headband I've bought in the past few years...my first one fell apart completely, but this one seems a lot sturdier. I find hairpieces really romantic in a Marie Antoinette and/or early 20th century way (see: my Wings of the Dove post) and I wish I owned more. I especially love perusing the lovely Jennifer Behr site and dreaming of wearing $300 antique crystal hair clips as I do the dishes. Sigh...
Gonna watch the Oscars tonight...pulling for my favorite movie of the year, Winter's Bone! If John Hawkes doesn't win that best supporting actor award it'll be a crime. Speaking of crime...I love Stringer Bell in those glasses. Ow ow.



sweater- Target
leggings- American Apparel
flats- Old Navy
music- Neil Young- Cripple Creek Ferry

So some days I feel bloaty like a puffer fish and long to be a worthless lump all day. Since fighting it would be futile I dress accordingly. All I really want to do is watch disc 1 of the second season of The Wire, but God, Netflix, Black Lodge, the library, illegal downloading, and some asshole in Memphis who is watching this show AT EXACTLY THE SAME POINT AS ME are currently denying me this privilege. Anyway, I'm probably going to putt around fuming in my obese lady sweater as I attempt to figure out a way to watch this damn addictive show without having to buy the entire season. And I'm going to channel this rage into some fudgy meringue cookies.

Thanks for teaching me how to play chess, D'Angelo



blazer- Urban Outfitters
blouse- Forever 21
pants- Banana Republic
boots- vintage
music- The Legends- Trouble Loves Me

Sometimes when I get dressed, I'm just trying to cover up my lady parts and get out the door. Other times I put a little more thought into it and end up dressing with a certain theme or image in mind. Like today.

I like to think of this as my Brief Encounter blazer, because it reminds me of that wonderful bittersweet '40s English romance. Unlike other doomed-romance films of the same time, like Casablanca, this movie is intimate, quiet and refreshingly devoid of the over-acting that characterizes most movies from the first half of the 20th century. And I have never seen a movie so gray...in a good way.

And cause I got on this tangent from clothing, I'll also mention that I was thinking of Faye Dunaway in Chinatown with my blouse and pants...specifically the scene when she's just returned from horseback riding and Jack Nicholson is questioning her about her husband's death. God the costumes in that movie are divine. And Faye Dunaway looks way too glamourous for horseback riding, which I actually find supremely uncomfortable and not glamourous at all. But Faye Dunaway in the '60s and '70s never looked anything short of AMAZING. Wish I could get my hair to do a finger wave.
I'm watching Johnny violently attack a leaf and jump in terror when it actually moves. Whoever said cats were smarter than dogs has either spent too much or too little time around cats.


Stormy Weather

cardigan- Banana Republic
dress- thrifted
boots- Old Navy
music- The Reigning Sound- Stormy Weather

Dudes, there's a tornado outside as I type. Andy is watching its progress over the river right now on the computer. Last time this happened a ghetto mall(Hickory Hood) not so far from here was completely destroyed. And since the Mall of Murder right by where I live is now closed as well, I hope this thing doesn't take out its agression on residental areas. I'm gonna hang with Charlotte in the hallway. So much for the warm weather! Damn you global warming!


Hola Ombre

dress- Target
belt- my mom's from when she was in college
flats- Old Navy
music- Monks- Drunken Maria

DAMN I am slaying myself over here with these puns. I've gotta stop.
This outfit is a prime example of why slips are not just for ladies over 70. I forgot to wear one today and it was cling city up in here. Too bad in order to buy slips you have to go to some creepy elderly section tucked area in a corner of Sears. Girls my age need them too. Though as Christie pointed out, what I call "normal people" don't seem to wear tights. I noticed at my graduation(on a freezing day in December) that almost every girl was bare-legged! To show off their tans maybe? Since I've never had to concern myself with that particular issue and I don't want to catch cold, I choose tights.
This dress is as close as I'll now get to tie-dye. I think I burned myself out on it circa 2002, the peak of my hippie phase..back when I carried a copy of the 700-page opus A Long Strange Trip on my person at all times and I had scribbled "DOES YOUR FOOD HAVE A FACE?!" on my LL Bean bookbag in white-out.
Speaking of 2002, Pete Yorn and Ben Kweller are playing TOGETHER at the NEW DAISY(which I have not set foot in since I became legal) in a few months. I AM SO EXCITED. I have not heard anything they've put out past their respective second records, but this is going to be a big time 10th grade dream team realized, and it can be really fun to indulge your inner 15 year old. Just not with tie-dye or Doors t-shirts.


Shorts Story

cardigan- Urban Outfitters
top- Gap
shorts- American Apparel
flats- Urban Outfitters
music- The Music Machine- Masculine Intuition

OH HO HO! Do you like my pun? Thought I'd come back in a big way. A more appropriate title might be, to quote Electric 6, "she's white, WHITE, she is so white, white like the light, never like the night..I was born to excite her, she could never be whiter". Too long though.
Sorry I got lazy...I have gotten so obsessed with The Wire that I couldn't wait for Netflix, ran to Black Lodge, and upon finding out that they were missing the disc I needed became so visibly upset that the clerk went and scrounged up a burned copy in the back for me(at no charge, thanks!). I cried hard over Wallace and am super terrified by Omar's nursery rhyme whistling. Anyway, now I'm sadly waiting for season 2 in the mail(damn the post office and their fake holiday!!!) so I thought I'd make a post. Yesterday the weather was superfreaky(no Rick James jokes please) and 80 degrees. In the middle of February. This is some Everglades shit! I want the warm but I don't want the global warming apocalypse.
Anyway...these shorts and I: it's a problem. I have to fight myself not to wear them every day that I can wear what I like (i.e. Saturday and Sunday), and obviously that's a losing battle. But as Ross says, I make milk look tan. I thought I was ready to put the tights away but maybe not...
I also made some applesauce walnut bread last night but no photos...it was not a winner. Happens to the best and worst of us, sometimes.


Gray Day

cardigan- Old Navy
dress- some store in Athens, GA
tights- Target
flats- Nine West
music- The Reindeer Section- The Day We All Died

I look as shiny as a freshly polished pair of shoes in that second photo...not sure why! I guess I shouldn't use the flash outdoors.
I got this dress at some uppity boutique in downtown Athens when we went there for Chunklet's anniversary shindig(s). We stayed at Peter Buck's ex-wife's house with Mastodon? Face tat is not as scary is real life as it is on the cover of my ALL TIME FAVORITE MAGAZINE, DECIBEL. Anyway, this dress was a total surprise amongst the rhinestone-d and bad-patterened expensive yet cheap-looking things in that store. Expensive yet cheap looking seems to be a problem plaguing many boutiques in downtown Memphis as well, as I discovered last weekend, though the new little Dear Creatures-carrying store is definitely forging different path.
I love the star-print as an updated take on polka dots...it's whimsical but not too whimsical for my black- and boot-loving heart. And when the weather is all gray and nasty and work is making me feel like I should take up an aggressive hobby like kickboxing, whimsical helps. As do bright tights.
About to get into a 5-episode The Wire trance...why did I hold out for so long?!?!? Thank god I finally accepted that Andy will never read HP and just went for this show anyway.


Deathly Hallows

sweater- H & M
skirt- thrifted
boots- thrifted
nail polish- Avon- Olive
music- Interpol- PDA

Dang dude...I am a big ass nerd(not to be confused with a nerd with a big ass). I am about to go see HP7:DH Pt. 1(not a good movie to abbreviate) for the THIRD time. Thank god I have people around me to coerce into this. I used to try to hide my HP obsession when I cared about being cool, but now I realize it's way better than most people's boring guilty pleasures, which are usually reading shitty tabloids and watching terrible TV. HP: Not guilty...only pleasing!

To immortalize your image of me forever as a nerd of epic proportions, I'm gonna talk about why I like this nail polish. It really clashes horribly with my skin tone but I find it mossy and magical in a Lord of the Rings kind of way. I was super into LOTR in middle school. Signing off now before I embarass myself any more.
NOTE: I do not like Star Wars. Or pretty much anything fantasy or sci-fi related other than HP and to a much lesser degree Tolkien. I tried to read Terry Pratchett but it did nothing for me. You can't choose your guilty pleasures...THEY CHOOSE YOU.


Kitteh Massage

Marcel helping the Mayor relax after putting in a really rough 18 hour day of napping.



dress- thrifted
belt- from the now-defunct Memphis rockabilly/pyschobilly store Tear It Up
music- The Beach Boys- Darling

Happy Valentine's Day! Let me introduce...the Black Thursday dress, star of Weekend of No Morals Pt. 1. Named after the notorious evening following a Black Lips show at which it made its debut in January 2006, this dress seems to invite sin. I'm not sure why. It's quite tight but it shows no skin. (However, most people seem to overestimate the appeal of showing too much skin.) It also made a reappearance about a year later during Weekend of No Morals Pt. 2(fortunately there were no more than 2 chapters). I'm feeling more saintly than sinner today...but this dress seemed the most festive in my closet, and it was actually warm enough to wear without a jacket.

Yesterday I made these brownies with chocolate buttercream frosting and 4 lbs. of sprinkles for Andy. <3


The Leather

leather jacket- vintage
camisole- given to me by Christie
jeans- Forever 21
flats- Old Navy
music- Oblivians- The Leather

This jacket is the opposite of the Apache shoes favored by lurking bosses and spouse abusers everywhere--you can hear me coming from a mile away. I need to put some WD40 on this thing. I bought it off Ebay several years ago, after thrift store searches proved fruitless and all the faux-leather jackets I saw just looked so aggressively plastic to me. It originally had shoulder pads, which I hastily removed with the help of my trusty seam ripper. I don't care what Balmain said 3 seasons ago. Shoulder pads age you tremendously. Only very young, very beautiful people can wear them and not look like Hillary Clinton in the early '90s. I think it's one of those things that young attractive people do just because they can. Needless to say, the shoulder pads are gone. It's warm again today so I can wear this...leather is not warm at all. Poor cows.
I haven't been able to fit into these jeans since '08. Hooray. I love high-waisted pants/shorts/skirts. Once you manage to zip/button them up(which is a feat in itself), they pretty much reign everything in. Plus they have a great '50s badass vibe(which is sort of what I'm aiming for half the time), like one of Marlon Brando's ladies in The Wild One(GREAT MOVIE..also where the name Black Rebel Motorcycle Club comes from, but you might already know that).

I promise that Christie has not donated all of my closet. It just seems that in the past two weeks I've been wearing several of the things she's given me as gifts/part of clothes swaps.
I'm about to go make some brownies with chocolate buttercream frosting...hopefully I will be able to get these pants off at the end of the day.



blouse- Alloy
skirt- Target
boots- Target
music- The Cramps- Call of the Wighat

The weather gods(I imagine them looking like that lightning-bolt-throwing-sequence in Fantasia) heard my plea! Today was beautiful. I was totally ready to take some awesome photos but I saw a neighbor peeking out at me! And I ran back inside. I wish my yard had some more privacy.
Anyway, I went thrifting today for the first time in who knows how long. I wore this outfit pretty much cause it's easy to change in and out of. Thrifting's not as fun as it was in our heyday with my clothes P.I.C. Christie, but it was alright. Rosy retrospection's a funny thing though, eh? I forgot that half the people in Memphis thrift stores smell like they've just shit their pants. I need to do like some French noble from the 18th century and carry a perfumed handkerchief to hold over my nose when forced to mingle with the commoners. JUST KIDDING...maybe.
I bought a blue mod dress at the Junior League(that place is teeming with mod dresses and J. Crew sweaters, seems like) that I can't wait to pull out when the warm weather comes to stay. Elizabeth and I also went to a new store downtown, Hoot & Louise, that sells half vintage, half new clothes. They had a ton of Dear Creatures stuff that was super adorable and really fun to look at, but out of my price range at the moment. Maybe when it goes on sale...
I can't believe how smile-y and cheesy I've gotten with these photos. In real life you must work extremely hard to get my to smile. But might as well, the handiwork of those four years of braces really ought to be shown off.


Little Animal

cardigan- Forever 21
dress- thrifted
boots- Macy's
music- The Raveonettes- Little Animal
awkward smile- that's all mine, baby

So taking photos outside is way better that inside for the light and all...except that I dress like an idiot for winter and it's quite cold out there. The snow's pretty and all that, and wearing boots and tights has been good fun, but this shit ain't for me. I'm ready for spring time and the inevitable mind-melting summer heat that will follow, despite how huge it will make my hair.(I need to can the Memphis humidity and sell it to people with flat hair...I COULD MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS).
This dress is really amazing but it was too cold to hang out for a better photo. I got it on the best thrifting day ever at the Junior League a few years ago..5 great dresses at one store in one day. Rich ladies love to dump their barely worn things off there...I've found several pairs of perfect Jeffrey Campbell shoes there before, though all waaaaay too small for my clunking feet.
I love leopard and red...I know it might be a bit too much but I think that concept and I parted ways long ago. Hell, I love leopard and any color, who am I kidding. It's a neutral right? Just like polka dots?
I'll leave you with an image of the world's most pensive pit(or whatever she is, her daddy was a traveling salesman). Have a good weekend!



sweater- Built By Wendy
leggings- American Apparel
boots- Old Navy
music- The Oblivians- Ja Ja Ja

...or at least that's how Memphians react to a bit of snow. Granted, it took me over an hour to make the 25-minute drive home from work yesterday, but I'm willing to sacrifice that time for a snow day(!) like we got today. I have been in a Wire-watching frenzy for the past several days and I am extremely depressed that I probably won't get my next disc from Netflix til Monday. I guess I'll have to make do with getting out of the bed and cleaning and cooking like a functioning adult should when giving a precious free day from work.

Isn't this sweater funny? I hope that second photo gives you a sense of the amazing detail. It's not really my style(I don't normally do graphics), and it's such a showpiece that I hardly ever wear it. However, it does manage to (barely) cover my ass, which is my main priority when I feel like wearing leggings. Leggings are basically like sweatpants for people who would never wear sweatpants(like yours truly)...good for a day when I refusing to leave the house.
This may be my last post as I might get pneumonia and die from stupidly going outside(albeit mercifully briefly) in 23-degree weather wearing a short-sleeved sweater. Let's hope not.



sweatshirt- Forever 21
skirt- vintage
tights- Old Navy
boots- Old Navy
music- Oasis- Don't Look Back in Anger

Yes, I know that barely two weeks ago I said that I only wear bright tights in primary colors, but I lied. Sorry about that. And purple's sort of almost a primary color, right? Anyway, if it was good enough for the sails of Cleopatra's gilded barge, it's good enough for me. I bought these tights last Saturday when I finally yielded to the irrestible siren's call of an Old Navy gift card that had been languishing in my wallet since Christmas. Despite the odd sizing there leaving me with a (false) sense of self-confidence, I only bought tights and shoes. Sometimes the basics are just too basic.
My skewed idea of a basic is this skirt. I bought it at a vintage store in Elliston Place in Nashville in high school(I have pretty good shopping-detail recall). It is one of the only things I've retained(and still regularly wear) from high school since most of what I bought then was the sad green or khaki required by the "uniforms" of the Memphis City Schools. For that reason alone you will likely never see me sport a collar or khakis. Some wounds DON'T HEAL, MCS. Back to the point--polka dots are a neutral to me, as I will also have a soft spot for '50s kitsch.
OASIS--while I'm talking about high school I may as well mention the fact that I am listening to Oasis right now more than I have since I was 14. I just can't believe that two of the most hilarious and ridiculous humans on earth also produced that shimmering trifecta of brilliance that is songs 3-4-5 on "Morning Glory". I'm officially announcing that I don't believe in guilty pleasures anymore.


Into the Future

ski jacket- vintage
Vibrators t-shirt- gift from Christie
shorts- American Apparel
wedges- Target
music- The Vibrators- Into the Future

I finally ventured outdoors to take photos! I felt like I look so much more like myself than in the weird fluorescent light of most of my other photos. Hopefully none of the neighbors saw me.
Christie gave me this t-shirt for Christmas '05. I hardly ever do t-shirts, and 98% of the time when I do they are band t-shirts, which I still rarely wear. However this one is pretty simple and matches everything, plus I can fall straight asleep in it WITHOUT CHANGING. Pretty much seals the deal. I like to tuck in t-shirts and roll the sleeves up a little like James Dean to keep them from swallowing my arms.
I have probably worn this jacket 3 times in the 4 years since I've bought it but now I'm beginning to think I need it more in my life. I don't really do neon, but this is super warm, and fits really well, and is perfectly cropped. I got it back when our friends at Light Years had a brick-and-mortar store, which is also where I got the dress in the previous post. I sorely miss that place!!! They have a really great eye(collective eye?) and the prices were always really good. I just checked out their Etsy and am now going to proceed to obsess over the leopard furry hat. Me and furry hats...it's a problem. Making my dog wear them is also a problem...but that's a story for another day.



dress- vintage
tights- Target
boots- Target
music- Link Wray- Hidden Charms

I am wearing these boot-things waaaay too much...they make me feel like a giant(in a good way) and also make my pathetic summer-dress+sweater outfits look all wintery and appropriate. I even drove out to the Target in the far 'burbs to get them...it was quite a haul but totally worth it. Did you know you can see on the Target website which store has which size of all the footwear? It's a little Big Brother-y("picture a boot stomping on a human face...forever"--you can find that boot online!) but was extremely helpful in this scenario.
Sorry for that, Orwell, your masterwork really deserves more respect than that.

This dress is one of my favorites. It's obscenely short and absolutely must be worn with tights but it's also super thin and cold, so it's a bit of a catch-22(it's high school required-reading literature day over here today). It reminds me a bit of the '40s, with the shoulders, but the colors and the length(or lack thereof) are more late '60s-early to mid '70s. That's a good combination of eras.

On a totally different note, I spent yesterday morning in a flour-covered frenzy as I made 3 dozen sour cream chocolate cupcakes and accompanying buttercream frosting for a baby shower. I was originally hoping to make the cupcakes look like baby rattles but that proved a little too ambitious so I just settled on mint green frosting(I LOVE GEL PASTE) and blue sprinkles. Turns out the colors serendipitously matched the decorations at the shower, so I was quite pleased.


Cat Lady

cardigan- Banana Republic
dress- American Apparel
scarf- vintage
boots- TJ Maxx
music- Rolling Stones- Think

So this outfit is not one of my best, but in the interest of full apparel honesty, I thought I'd put it up here anyway. I'm trying to pull myself out of my frumpy-dump rut and knowing that I'm going to photograph everything I wear is day is good way to keep me from falling back into it.
This dress is a Large and fits like a glove. American Apparel, you could really help with America's obesity crisis if everyone was forced to think about themselves in terms of your sizes. I'm not really sure what size human could fit into the extra-small sizes there...but I probably would want to buy them a sandwich.


Cultural Obsession: Scotland

My Scottish thing has happened by accident recently...but come on! They have the most amazing accents of the English language, beautiful countryside, plus Hogwarts is there(duh). It seems to be the least talked-about of the countries in the U.K., but I would really love to visit it the most, perhaps while wearing a Pringle argyle sweater. Here are the movie and band currently feeding this fascination.

The Winter Guest

I went into this movie really not expecting anything much, and I was blown away. For a little background- it follows a day in the life of 4 pairs of people in a frozen Scottish seaside town: a mother and daughter(whose husband has just died), the daughter's teenage son and a girl with a crush on him, two elderly ladies who attend funerals for fun, and two middle-school boys playing hooky. It is so quiet and subtle, beautifully acted, and injected generously with true humor, all while the specter of grief hangs over most of the characters. Visually it's stunning, with a very natural gray-white-black palette and the background landscape of the frozen sea. The two boys in this movie have some of the most amazing and hilarious scenes involving kids I've ever seen(see above). No one in American films gives kids this kind of dialogue: smart and foul-mouthed and funny and profound, but still believeable. The mother-daughter relationship here(played by Emma Thompson and her real mother) is painfully realistic. The ending with the boys approaches the sublime(a description I rarely have occasion to use, except for maybe the library scene in Wings of Desire). The only bone I have to pick with this movie is the music...good god. Make sure you immediately mute the film the second the credits begin to roll or the beauty of that last scene might just be ruined for you. To my knowledge, this is the only film that Alan Rickman has ever directed. I love some Rickman, I think he is a pleasure to watch and illuminates even the most mediocre movies that he acts in (AHEM Bottle Shock). But judging from The Winter Guest I really think he should give directing another shot.
As a heads up, I could have used some subtitles at times but once you get used to the ridiculously thick accents it's easy enough to understand. Also, 95% of the movies that I love are considered "slow" by the average viewer. However I say that if you think they are slow then you are probably slow!(Just kiddin'...maybe).

Arab Strap

Speaking of ridiculously thick accents...
Not sure why it took me so long to get on board this train. In high school I really loved the Reindeer Section(still do), most especially the Aidan Moffat songs(Whodunnit being my favorite). Listening to the actual band was something I always meant to do but never got around to. My life is littered with good intentions like that. Last year Andy made me an Arab Strap mix after listening to me rave about their RS songs. I cannot imagine a better thing to listen to in the winter.
I'm not exactly sure how to describe this music. With the exception of a few songs, there is no singing done by this band. It's more like lyrical Scottish spoken word(not in the Henry Rollins vein) about romance and failure and failed romance. And those lyrics! Some are brutally bitter, many are shockingly depressing(in that unexpected way that floors you, like some Red House Painters), half I can barely understand, all are clever and pointed and moving. The music itself is much more layered than your standard bland "indie rock," whatever that means nowadays, and it would be an injustice to lump this band in with the rest of the Reindeer Section bands(Belle & Sebastian, Snow Patrol), as good as they may sometimes be. They aren't any soft edges or sentiment here. Maybe living in a place so cold for so much of the time will do that to you...like Russia. I'm doing a terrible job of describing them...obviously living with a music critic has not rubbed off on me any.
P.S. - These videos are not so great, it's probably best to just listen to the music while not watching the video!

More pros: James McAvoy, plaid
Cons: haggis


Ride Captain Ride

shirt- vintage
skirt- thrifted
boots- given to me by Christie
music- Arab Strap- Screaming in the Trees

...UPON YOUR MYSTERY SHIP. BE AMAZED...Okay, I'll stop there. Classic rock is rife with good titles for blog posts, since I'm too uncreative to be punny.
I love sailor-themed clothes. To this end I have always threatened, should I ever have a child(poor thing), that he will be dressed as a sailor every day until age 2(I'll stop then lest he develop issues). I have way too many nautical-esque garments...shorts, tops, dresses, skirts, you name it. There's something about them that is simultaneously adorably child-like and sexily pin-up at the same time. Obviously today I was leaning more towards the former. I think this shirt might actually be for a child...albeit a child with really fat arms, large neck and short torso. (So on second thought, maybe not). It even has a bizarre bibbed collar that extends halfway down the back(didn't want to attempt a back view from the tripod, sorry).
The boots were given to me by Christie when we visited Johnson City. I don't know why she got rid of them but I'm really glad she did because I love them and wear them constantly. The cats love to attack the shoe strings though, which might just be their way of attempting to assassinate me as I walk about the house.


All Buttoned Up

sweater- Old Navy
dress- vintage
moccasins- Old Navy
music- The Byrds- Eight Miles High

Work + cold = shitty outfits. I promise I'm working on it. This is the second accidental look I've had...today I was unintentionally preppy. Loafers! Pink stripes! Ribbed v-neck sweater! Hey, if I can't wear my short shorts or half my dresses something's gotta give. Normally I wear this dress unbuttoned a little ways, but I decided to go the whole hog and button it to the very top.

I couldn't get a good close shot of the frosty pink buttons here, but trust me, they are winners. Speaking of good shots...I live in this somewhat dismal place called the real world, and I see about 45 minutes of sunshine per day owing to the dreaded Windowless Office Job. This makes the photo-taking sorta hard...plus not having a human to assist me doesn't help much either. And fluorescent lights, you may be good for the environment but you are bad for picture-taking! But excuses excuses...soon it won't get dark at 5 p.m. and I can take them outside! You might say I could get up earlier but PSSSSSSH. Mornings and I go together like...imagine a good comparison.
Last night I made a chocolate espresso mousse. I had attempted it on Sunday night but it turned into chocolate scrambled eggs(you don't wanna know what that looks like). But though I am a quitter in most aspects of life, I don't like being defeated by baked goods. So I remade it and it turned out spectacular, albeit ridiculously rich! However the photos look like dog doo so I will spare you.
Today my mom told me I looked like a Pentecostal girl cause my hair was so long. NOT THE LOOK I'M GOING FOR. So thank the Lawd(not in a Pentecostal way), I have found a photo to take to the hairdresser. Thinking of the Versace ads for Fall 2010...an amalgamation of both of these 'do's.

Possibly not feasible on my giant-ass hair...but I'm gonna try it out nonetheless.


Accidental Rockabilly

sweater- Target
scarf- vintage
pants- Banana Republic
moccasins- Old Navy
dog- Memphis & Shelby County Humane Society
music- Arab Strap- "Dream Sequence"

Me and pants: it's a rocky relationship. I only own 5 pairs, which sounds like a lot until you consider that I own upwards of 80 dresses. I am one of those girls that wears a skirt and tights when it's 12 degrees outside(actually, Memphis never gets that cold). I have been known to employ the women-wore-non-pants for-thousands-of-years-and-did-just-fine argument when facing incredulous older people(it's always older people that insist on starting that). These sadly are the only pants I have that are work-appropriate(FORMERLY work appropriate- actually they were shot down yesterday), so I get more mileage out of them than any others. They were a super score at BR for only $10, thanks to a 25% off coupon and the clearance rack. It never fails to mystify me that the average American woman is 5'3", and yet, at 5'5" I still have to cuff nearly every pair of pants I buy. However, the cuffing and the scarf and my resigned-to-it ponytail sort of lent this outfit a rockabilly vibe, which was accidental but I ended up liking. That tends to happen every once in a while as a by-product of my high-school Gene Vincent/Blackboard Jungle obsession. If you have not seen Blackboard Jungle, it is awesome and hilarious and, incidentally, now available instantly on Netflix. You have no excuse! I sense an inspiration post coming soon.
Charlotte's damn dog tail (or entire body) is in every picture I took. This house has 3 bedrooms but she seems to want to be within 3 feet of me at all times.