blouse- Alloy
skirt- Target
boots- Target
music- The Cramps- Call of the Wighat

The weather gods(I imagine them looking like that lightning-bolt-throwing-sequence in Fantasia) heard my plea! Today was beautiful. I was totally ready to take some awesome photos but I saw a neighbor peeking out at me! And I ran back inside. I wish my yard had some more privacy.
Anyway, I went thrifting today for the first time in who knows how long. I wore this outfit pretty much cause it's easy to change in and out of. Thrifting's not as fun as it was in our heyday with my clothes P.I.C. Christie, but it was alright. Rosy retrospection's a funny thing though, eh? I forgot that half the people in Memphis thrift stores smell like they've just shit their pants. I need to do like some French noble from the 18th century and carry a perfumed handkerchief to hold over my nose when forced to mingle with the commoners. JUST KIDDING...maybe.
I bought a blue mod dress at the Junior League(that place is teeming with mod dresses and J. Crew sweaters, seems like) that I can't wait to pull out when the warm weather comes to stay. Elizabeth and I also went to a new store downtown, Hoot & Louise, that sells half vintage, half new clothes. They had a ton of Dear Creatures stuff that was super adorable and really fun to look at, but out of my price range at the moment. Maybe when it goes on sale...
I can't believe how smile-y and cheesy I've gotten with these photos. In real life you must work extremely hard to get my to smile. But might as well, the handiwork of those four years of braces really ought to be shown off.

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  1. i like this top! i tried to go thrifting last monday in JC and was so creeped out. some weirdo man was going through lady's clothes, really searching for something. i just bought two baby baskets and got OUT.