Friday again

shirt- Banana Republic
skirt- Chloe Loves Charlie
flats- Target
music- Kings of Leon- King of the Rodeo (this whole album is an awesome, sleazy, catchy, very guilty pleasure...but like Samson, once they cut their hair they lost all their strength, and all the stuff after this is boring and shitty)

This shade of green clashes horribly with my hair and skin tone, but I guess I couldn't resist dipping my toe(just one toe!) into the Balmain ripped army green t-shirt thing last spring with this shirt. Though of course, not ripped...pre-distressed stuff makes me cringe. I unfortunately can get my clothes and shoes plenty worn out in a remarkably short amount of time without any outside help.
I bought this skirt specifically to have something that I was positive would be work-appropriate and go with everything, but they told me it was too short! I have been ignoring that and wearing it anyway. Since I'm seen by about two people per day I really don't think I'm going to incite a riot with a skirt that's two inches above my knees, but nine years of Catholic school had nothing on this office. Ok, lest this turn into a blog where I only air my grievances about work(my days there are numbered), I'll stop. I have to go take Charlotte to get her nails did...always an epic battle of wills, gotta have my wits about me.
P.S.- Also, totally unrelated--Elizabeth introduced me to the most amazing Mexican ice cream place on Summer Ave.(best street in the city for eatin'). I got key lime with crunched up Mexican graham cracker cookies in it and it was so good! It was cheap, I can't pronounce the name, the colors and flavors were beautiful(not so sure about pineapple and cheese though), and it's open late-- it may become my summer(both season and street) hangout.


Belated Easter Egg

cardigan- Target
top- Urban Outfitters
skirt- thrifted
spectators- Urban Outfitters
music- Memphis Goons- Children of Danger

Since I spent the majority of Easter hungover, reading Harry Potter and eating Reese's peanut butter eggs in bed, I didn't get to dress up for it. But spring always makes me want to wear color(even though the majority of my closet is black), and no colors are better than Easter pastels. I want to decorate my house with them(lavender! mint! buttercup! periwinkle!), but seeing as how I'm extremely uncertain about my living situation after next month that's not really an option at the moment. So I'll wear them instead. This cardigan had a really unattractive faux-homemade-looking reject quilt patch with a bird stitched on it on the upper left hand side...I promptly took the seamripper to that. I'm definitely of the mind that extraneous details on an inexpensive garment tend to make it look just plain cheap. This top is, once again, a backless one, but that shit don't fly at my work(har har, maybe I'll wear it just to get fired...might be a plan). The denim skirt was thrifted many moons ago at the Bibles for China thrift store(why China? guess it has a better ring to it that Bibles for Mozambique).
Is it bad I think that specators pretty much go with everything? These were the closest approximation I could get to my beloved spectator wedges thrifted in Murfreesboro that I progressively wore out and abused until a night in 2007 where I threw my heart-shaped flask(and my entire body apparently) into a very thorny bush(no clue why). They had to be tossed after that. Now that I'm done running head(flask?)-first into hedges, I'm hopeful that this pair will last a while.
Whew...sorry for the manic writing style...it's been a long day/week/month.


Blame It on the Rain

blouse- Alloy
skirt- H&M
heels- Target
music- Link Wray- Ain't That Loving You, Baby

I'm gonna take a cue from Milli Vanilli here...all this rain is killing me! I know April showers bring May flowers, but it's so hard to dress around rain when it's warm outside. Boots get all sticky and sandals get flooded...maybe I should get some jellies like I had when I was 6. I'll stop talking about the weather now though, because I get quite my fill of that at work...you'd think we were all working outside in the elements, not inside, with no windows, chained to a desk for 8 hours. I have never before been around adults who lose their fucking shit when it storms, or practically start crying when there's a 30% chance of rain. I think I've added people who freak out about the weather to my top 5 pet peeves, right on up there with obese people and/or smokers who give me long lectures about the dangers my vegetarianism poses to my health(it's been 9 YEARS...I've got it under control, people).
Anyway...this outfit is my stab at "work-appropriate". I've been in this office job for a year and 2 months now, but I still can't get the hang of conservative dressing. I suppose it doesn't help that polka dot rompers and leopard-print hot pants send me into transports of delight, while black slacks and blazers(THE HORROR) leave me cold. Just another sign that I was not meant for the corporate world...



top- Urban Outfitters
shorts- cut up from some old Levi's pants in about 2004
shoes- Urban Outfitters
music- Led Zeppelin- The Song Remains the Same

I'm sorry I'm getting flaky with this! But I guess it's better late than never. Here are some shots from Saturday. Please ignore the uber-creepy look I'm giving you in that second photo...wasn't sure how to get a good image of the backless top. I'm sort of obsessed with backless and/or cut-out things...they provide an element of intrigue in an outfit as seemingly vanilla as this one. Thank god I don't have much going on in the rack area, because I'm not sure how you would wear a bra with a shirt like this. I guess you could buy some pasties? Thanks but no thanks on those...I'd rather take the Gloria Steinem route. I put some braids in my hair, which take forever to do but have a fun nostalgic Heidi effect(pretty sure it would be too literal if I were blonde). On the down side, I look like Coolio when I untangle and undo them.

Speaking of nostalgia, Katherine and I went to see my two favorite artists from when I was but a wee thing in freshman year of high school, Pete Yorn and Ben Kweller. Surprisingly they both heavily mined their circa-2001 back catalogs and I actually knew most of what they played! I just took one shot of BK(you can see Katherine and me, taking the photo, in the piano!), and I was too blinded by Pete Yorn's be-cardigan-ed beauty to get a picture. I did, however, attempt to capture some very interesting styling choices in the magical/mental A. Schwab's display window. Still not sure how to pull off sheer granny-panties filled with packing peanuts or chain mail with a wig-included Rastafarian hat...maybe I'll see it soon on the Face Hunter



jean jacket- Old Navy
dress- thrifted
belt- from Mom's closet
wedges- Modcloth
music- Mercury Rev- Chasing the Bee

And here I am as the opposite of yesterday's post, wearing my standard black, blue and polka dots ALL IN ONE GO. I started with the jacket on this morning and had to wear it all day at work, which is approximately the temperature of a meat locker, but by the time I was unshackled from my desk at the end of the day to go buy corn syrup(ew?) for the chocolate bourbon pecan pie(THINK ABOUT IT) that I'm gonna make shortly, it was way too hot for it. Wow, that was a run-sentence to end all run-on sentences. Let me take a breath.
Christie and I were talking last weekend about how a denim jacket is the ultimate topper, as it goes with anything excepting more denim...no Canadian tuxedos here please. (To be fair, in the week I spent in Canada, I did not see a single soul sporting this look). And since I pretty much consider polka dots a neutral as well(crazy person talk, I know), this outfit is like my version of beige.

I've worn these shoes twice in the past week...they are shaping up to be my Shoes of the Summer. I'll try to refrain from wearing them every day. And YE GADS, tear your eyes away from my pasty legs before they burn a hole in your retinas. Pasty is not even the appropriate word here...I quote my genius brother once again in saying "we make milk look tan."


I feel so quick in my leather boots

top- vintage
skirt- thrifted
tights- Target, I think
boots- Macy's
music- Jesus & Mary Chain- The Living End

I know it's a bit of a departure for me to be wearing something that's not black, blue, or polka-dotted, but since every fashion magazine on the planet has been screaming BRIGHTS! JIL SANDER! ANNA DELLA RUSSO WEARING ORANGE! at me for the past 6 months, I decided to respond to the best of my ability. (My nails even match, but that was not intentional). The outfit is what I like to call an oldie but goodie. Meaning, I've worn it a couple times before(it's been years though), but I'm always pleasantly surprised that it still works so well. This is my poor person "designer" outfit. I bought the Anne Klein top(which was my absolute favorite item of clothing during ages 17-18) at a vintage store in Little 5 Points in Atlanta in high school for $11. And the skirt is Escada, thrifted from a store on Charlotte Pike in Nashville freshman year of college. Don't know why I'm mentioning this since I'm a firm believer that brands mean nothing about your ability to dress well.
The weather is being so finicky that I am back to wearing tights after it was 85 degrees on Tuesday. I know I shouldn't complain, given that it will feel like the rain forest here in a few weeks...but without the cool birds and probably with a lot of heat-induced homicides.
EDIT: I'm still having to use my parents' computer, which does not seem to like my camera very much...sorry about all the pixels.


Creeping Back

top- Target
skirt- H&M
wedges- Modcloth
music- The King Khan & BBQ Show- Love You So

Hey there...I know you probably thought I was outta commission for good, but here I am again! Back with a BANG, oh ho!(BAD, BAD, I know). Just in time for you to witness the complete takeover of my closet by nautically themed clothes...it was bound to happen.
These bangs are definitely a work in progress, as anyone who's had them before knows. Every day at work I keep sneaking to the bathroom with scissors to try and fix them but I think I need to stop before I end up scalping myself.
I still don't have a computer and am having to use my parents, so my updates might be sporadic, and I've half forgotten how to write, but hopefully it'll come back to me. However, a really crazy SVU is on and I can't concentrate...ya know how it goes.


Final Clip Art

also, this

Well, the Worst Week of All Time was topped off by the death of my faithful laptop. It's been rendered totally useless, so even if I felt like taking photos again I couldn't. Hopefully I can get a functioning one soon. I figured you might be sick of all the Youtube(and dumb cat photos) I've been bombarding you with, so this'll be the last for a while. I might weigh 45 lbs and have crazy hair by the next time I get around to posting, so stay tuned!