I feel so quick in my leather boots

top- vintage
skirt- thrifted
tights- Target, I think
boots- Macy's
music- Jesus & Mary Chain- The Living End

I know it's a bit of a departure for me to be wearing something that's not black, blue, or polka-dotted, but since every fashion magazine on the planet has been screaming BRIGHTS! JIL SANDER! ANNA DELLA RUSSO WEARING ORANGE! at me for the past 6 months, I decided to respond to the best of my ability. (My nails even match, but that was not intentional). The outfit is what I like to call an oldie but goodie. Meaning, I've worn it a couple times before(it's been years though), but I'm always pleasantly surprised that it still works so well. This is my poor person "designer" outfit. I bought the Anne Klein top(which was my absolute favorite item of clothing during ages 17-18) at a vintage store in Little 5 Points in Atlanta in high school for $11. And the skirt is Escada, thrifted from a store on Charlotte Pike in Nashville freshman year of college. Don't know why I'm mentioning this since I'm a firm believer that brands mean nothing about your ability to dress well.
The weather is being so finicky that I am back to wearing tights after it was 85 degrees on Tuesday. I know I shouldn't complain, given that it will feel like the rain forest here in a few weeks...but without the cool birds and probably with a lot of heat-induced homicides.
EDIT: I'm still having to use my parents' computer, which does not seem to like my camera very much...sorry about all the pixels.

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  1. look at my most recent outfit post! it was all brights too. i love this color combo. and i miss memphis and it's heat-induced homicides....