I know I've linked to this before but I'm still obsessed with it...I think all the flannel I borrowed in Colorado went to my brain


BUSINESS(sort of) PROFESSIONAL(definitely not)

top- mark.
skirt- H&M
spectators- Forever 21
music- Oblivians with Mr. Quintron- What's the Matter Now

I am disgracefully fickle with this thing! Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the embarrassing amount of vanity required by a project like this and I start to think "Really? This, of all things in the world I could focus on, is what I'm devoting my energy towards?". But don't worry, I'm not gonna get all existential on you. Let's see...I've been 24 for less than a week but that week has been really awesome(I feel like Bill and Ted when I say awesome). Maybe this will be my year! Gotta get in as much fun as I can before I become old enough to rent a car and therefore, a real adult. I got an iPad for my birthday, and even though the extreme aesthetic pleasure I get from playing with it is sort of pathetic, I have no real clue what I'm doing and I need to get myself to the Apple Store soon and say HELP. The camera quality on it is really poor so I don't think I can use that for this blog(not that my pictures are good by any means!). I am also SO SCARED of breaking it that I'm treating it like an infant with brittle bone syndrome.
This outfit could be called "further attempt at sailordom"(always!). Or "trying to have fun with 2 of the 8 articles of clothing I own that I'm allowed to wear to work." Wearing these shoes is like a workout! Which is great because I hate real exercising so much that I'd rather starve(isn't that sad?). Despite being from F21 and costing less than a bag of dog food, they've held up pretty well. And this skirt reallllly needs to be attacked with a lint roller, but just don't look too closely! I cannot get over how awkward I am at this. I'll figure it out at some point.