color day 1: red

dress- thrifted
belt- Target
boots- thrifted

I've been in a bit of a clothes rut this past week, despite the creepily beautiful weather, thus the lack of outfit posts. To pull myself out of it I've decided to challenge myself: 10 days of color! ROYGBIV plus pink, white, and black(the last two being the most important colors in my wardrobe, ha). I feel brighter already! Again, I'm dressing like a mod cartoon with my very favorite boots, but I gotta say, it's really fun. You should give it a go sometime! Tonight I'm deigning to leave my house for a show for the first time in a while. What kind of magical event could compel me to do such a thing, you ask?!? Redondo Beat at the Lamplighter, bartended by the wonderful Katherine! Hope you have a fun night too.
<3 (is that obnoxious? do I care?)


looks I love

My "starred items" folder in my reader can get kind of overwhelmingly full sometimes, so I decided I'll start a weekly roundup of my favorite personal/street-style looks. Here's what I found most inspiring this week!
AMAZING ombre fur at stylesightings
adorable isla with pretty much the perfect cardigan/blouse/skirt/bootie combination
coury is my pastel inspiration
if I ever were to wear neon, this is how I'd like to do it. by the facehunter
isabelle is one of my very favorite bloggers. denim. mini. circle. skirt!
steffy: badass hair, awesome mary janes, best shade of lavender, topped off with a TINY BOW TIE ahhhhh!
clearly I am in a circle skirt kind of mood. you can actually buy breanne's in her etsy shop!!


red, wink, and blue

cardigan- My Baby Jo
dress- Forever 21
tights- ?(yes, those are tights, not my legs- thx, mgmt)
boots- given to me by Christie

Oh yeah, I bet you didn't think I could get any cheesier, did ya?? Well guess again friends! I realized that I am much more likely to take outfit photos if I'm letting myself goof off instead of attempting some Lookbook-style pouty seriousness(not that I ever tried too hard to do that!). I do love a theatrical wink, particularly when paired with the more classic pin-up style items in my wardrobe, like the '50s-tattoo-bird sweater and the boobtastic '40s-style sailor dress. I have basically been wearing a variation on this outfit for the past 3 days and I really need to vary it up. I'm thinking of a ROYGBIV week, even though honestly I don't have a clue what truly qualifies as indigo. Stay tuned!


mod candy

cardigan- Target
dress- thrifted
tights- department store in Montreal in 2004
boots- thrifted

I felt candy store bright in this outfit, compared to how I normally dress, at least! Despite the fact that my camera/the dreary weather washed me out. I feel a bit like a cartoon when I wear this dress and these boots together. Like Emma Peel dressed up for Easter!
Diana Rigg as Emma Peel. with a kitty!


sweater- Urban Outfitters
skirt- thrifted
brogues- Target

These awkward photos are courtesy of my dad. (Thanks dad!). He was like "you're bad at posing. Turn around and say 'haaaaayyyy.'" See how that advice turned out!
I bought this sweater my first day working at Urban...it has a sheer v-back, even though it just looks like skin here! I love cutouts. You may have noticed! Anyway, speaking of Urban, gotta go there right now and attempt to avoid teal jean temptation.



sweatshirt- Forever 21
tank top(underneath)- Old Navy
skirt- American Apparel
tights- Old Navy
boots- vintage
bizarro West Virginia lottery ticket
cardigan- Zara
dress- H&M
leopard tights- Target
brogues- Target
can't stop won't stop(putting hats on charlotte)
chocolate cream pie


brooklyn gang

These amazing photos are from New York photographer Bruce Davidson's 1959 series Brooklyn Gang, following a group of teen greasers styling themselves "the Jokers." Rarely do I see things this up my alley. The boys, the girls, the clothes, the hair, the sense of danger and badass-ery(yeah this is a term I learned while obtaining my art history degree), and the cinematic aspect of even the most mundane moments of adolescence.

You can learn & see more over at the Retronaut.