Last of the warm weather!

shirt- Urban Outfitters
skirt- vintage
wedges- Modcloth

cardigan- from my mom's closet
scarf- vintage
shorts- Urban Outfitters
wedges- Urban Outfitters

These pictures are from last Friday and Saturday, as it's now 49 degrees outside. I should mention that I am LOVING it. My furry white jacket that makes me look like a gangsta polar bear got pulled out for the first time this season yesterday, and when that thing is on you know the night's gonna be a fun one(it was; there was cosmic bowling, Spin Doctors videos, and fried cheese sticks involved).
Yes, in this second outfit I am wearing a cardigan as a top with nothing underneath. I don't know what thought process was goin on in my brain when I decided that, but thank goodness my new Urbn wedges (that I got for 50% off sale price wooo) kind of distract from the cray cray happening up top. That set of pictures is so bad that I am never gonna take any inside again, unless I get a fancy camera.
I had an interview today for a seasonal job that would probably be super fun if it happens, so fingers crossed! I don't want to say any more and jinx it.
I'm about to make a lemon pie and read a little book called Harry Potter and the motherfucking Order of the Phoenix. I should probably attempt to fit exercise somewhere into my life equation but I really don't think that's gonna happen.


shirt- Urban Outfitters
skirt- Target
spectators- Urban Outfitters

This skirt is actually a very pale pink, but in these photos it looks blindingly white to match my legs! I've been feeling a bit uninspired lately, partly because I am confused by this weather, and also because I'm getting sick of taking these crappy photos by the rotting door and moldy brick wall in my backyard! But enough of that. I kind of felt like mixing up my black and white clothes a bit by clashing some patterns and textures. The ruffly skirt is so not me but I keep trying to make it so! If polka dots and spectators can't make it me, then nothing can.
Have a wonderful weekend! Gonna get this blog together, I promise!


cardigan- Target
dress- thrifted
sandals- Target

Yes, ladies(I don't know/doubt that any gentlemen read this blog), I'm back again. Looking paler than ever ya'll! I had yesterday off so I took advantage of the indian summer happenin outside to wear these sandals one last time. Ever since I bought those Modcloth ones(see about half the posts on this thing) this pair has been shunted to the back of my closet, which is kind of a shame! I also almost forgot about this dress. I found this lovely at our local DAV thrift store for 99 cents. The zipper is sort of wonky, which is probably why someone gave it up in the first place, but with a lot of hard work(and sometimes a 2nd person to help me) I can get it zipped within ten minutes(I do realize that is not an exceptionally fast time). It fits me like a glove(don't you love when that happens with thrifted finds?) and made me feel like a '50s badass when I made a pound cake while wearing it. It was the first truly genuine pound cake I've ever made...pound of butter, pound of sugar, pound of eggs, pound of flour. And ya gain a pound with every bite, ho ho!


Yo Bro(gue)

dress- thrifted
brogues- Target

I HAVE GOT TO STOP WITH THE PUNS. Not sure it's possible. Anyway, as the title suggests, these are my new brogues. Target is on a roll with the shoes lately and I'm having a hard time resisting them! Since they're actually cute AND comfy, I wore these shoes to an 8-hour shift at work today...MISTAKE. I can barely walk now. I look like a 12-yr-old boy with my Vans(fitted with construction-worker-grade gel insoles) but at least they don't cripple me at the end of the day.
Back to the point: there is still a freak warm spell happenin' right now, and I wore this outfit on Wednesday to karaoke at the Poplar Lounge. I did Steely Dan's "Dirty Work" and Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young." I can belt the shit out of these tunes in my car, but I get really timid up in front of people, even though I can hold notes fairly well. As the karaoke host told me while playing a foam guitar, "we gotta make you more aggressive." Amen dude.


Rock n' Romp(er)

leather jacket- vintage
romper- H&M
tights- Target
spectators- Urban Outfitters

Hay there. I went through a few days of that familiar why-am-I-doing-this-blog feeling before I decided to just go with it. This outfit is from Monday(I think?). I found it comical that I was wearing a leather jacket while trying to be vegan. Epic vegan fail...that's all I'm gonna say. Never again will I be foolish enough to attempt life without buttah. This second picture is an attempt to show the neat hardware details on this jacket...maybe next time when I wear it I'll get some better shots!
This romper is one of those things I wear on lazy days when I'm totally cool with feeling like a shapeless lump. Fortunately in the winter I can make it look slightly less sack-like by covering it up. Just had a revelation: everything I buy is either skintight or sack-like. Not sure what the implications of that are, oooohhh well. Today is 85 degrees again? A bit confusing. I did take advantage of the weather and make a banana granita earlier(still in the freezer, I'm being patient!). I can't really think of anything more to say because I am incredibly distracted by searching for vintage pastel Fiestaware on Etsy. Whoops


Electric Cowgirl

dress- Forever 21
scarf- thrifted
tights- Old Navy
boots- Target

Man I am crazy about these boots! I am even wearing them right now(with some scuzzy cutoffs and a striped shirt, and no one's gonna see it). I keep coming up with outfits while I'm laying in bed trying to fall asleep, and when I wake up and don them the next morning, they invariably look totally different than what I had in mind. Does this happen to anyone else? In my pre-sleep haze, this outfit seemed very chic and subtly colorful, but in reality I looked a bit like an '80s clubbing cowgirl. DEFINITELY not what I intended. I forged on though and definitely looked like the craziest person at brunch at the Beauty Shop. Speaking of brunch and food, this vegan thing ain't working out. Not even for a week. I had no idea how integral cheese and butter are to my happiness, but turns out they are pretty essential. Being vegetarian(10 years and counting) is the easiest thing ever, but I have never been frowny in my life than in the past few days! GIMME AN OMELET STAT


First Fall Flannel

flannel- Target
dress- American Apparel
boots- Target
pin- from Alice

I am loving this weather! Perfect flannel conditions. I tried to tone down the overt sexiness of this dress with the boots and flannel, but you could still pretty much see everything I ate for breakfast through it. This is a large size from American Apparel. Sometimes I like to try and imagine just how pre-pubescent a person must be who wears their extra-small. Anyway, all I am really thinking about is how hungry I am since starting this 2 week vegan willpower test. I'm gonna eat a block of gouda the size of a 7" when this is through.
OH I ALMOST FORGOT-- my kitteh pin. Alice gave it to me and it is awesome. I haven't worn pins on my clothes since I was about 18(13th Floor Elevators pin on my jean jacket pretty much every day), but I'm feeling this cat one, despite the fact that it probably makes people who see it question my sanity.