scarf- vintage
shirt- Urban Outfitters
jeans- Forever 21
wedges- Delia's
music- Blues Magoos- Albert Common is Dead

That second picture kinda makes me cringe, which, it turns out, looks pretty similar to how I look when attempting a wink. Oh well. Just trying to spice it up for ya over here.
I got this shirt for $9.99 at Urbn at while back but have not been able to wear it til last week due to not owning a properly colored bra. Normally I forgo a bra if that's the case but this shirt is a little too transparent for that. I love the cream color, and the cutouts! For when I'm feeling a touch too modest for a backless shirt. The sleeves are nice too.
I found this scarf inside of an old cigar box at a yard sale in high school. Although you're probably more likely to find a dead bug than a nice scarf inside a musty old box at a garage sale, I got lucky. I think I am wearing this scarf in my junior year yearbook photo? That would be during the peak of my rockabilly love, when I wore red mary janes every day. I like to think I've refined that look a little since then(and ditched the mary janes, after they got whipped cream in them when some dudez retaliated when we egged their house, sad day), but that might be wishful thinking.
I just spent an hour looking at apartments for rent in Chicago...culinary school! Pipe dreams! Unfortunately Charlotte would not be welcome in 75% of the listings I saw, and also I don't have $1195 a month. Toooooooooo bad


Late Summer

top- vintage(my Mom's from her high school days)
skirt- vintage
wedges- Delia's
hat- Target $1 section
music- The Clash- What's My Name

Even though this hat is stiff as a board and doesn't really stay on my head well(why I am holding on in both photos!), the fact that I got it for a DOLLAR is just further proof that Target is the greatest store in the universe. Sometimes I feel like the security guards are looking at me like "seriously girl are you really here again already?" but I am my mother's daughter, and I start to feel sort of deprived if I don't go at least 2(or three) times a week.
Speaking of my mom, this tube top was hers in high school. It's one of the only items of clothing from that period that she's saved, although judging from photos of her I wish she'd kept more! The skirt is from my all-time favorite store(ok, not Target, but CLOTHING store), the Nitty Gritty in Louisville. I am SO SAD I cannot go to Louisville this weekend with one of my BFFs but it's probably just as well as I would spend a gazillion dollars on clothes. If I lived there(and I am seriously considering it) I would be constantly broke but my closet would be sooooo good. Since this is a knit skirt it's a bit hot for the average Memphis summer day, but yesterday(and today!) was actually pretty pleasant and I could wear it without suffering heatstroke. And yes, by pretty pleasant I still mean 94 degrees.
I tried to take a close-up of the hat in my mirror, sans tripod, but that didn't work out so well. However, I did realize that I really needed to clean my mirror. Have a great weekend!!!



dress- Delia's
flats- Old Navy
headband- Modcloth
music- Bee-Gees- You Should be Dancing (WHY is this stuck in my head good lord)

So I've not been so good at steady blogging but let's ignore that shall we? I bought this dress around sophomore year of high school(9 YEARS AGO I AM SO OLD) from that middle school catalog favorite, Delia's. For some reason around that age I always ordered things in 7's or 9's even though I am the same size I am now(i.e., not a 7 or 9). Therefore, the thing is huge on me. It was a potato sack. It still is a potato sack, albeit a much shorter potato sack(I was pretty fearless with the scissors back then). I've kept it because I have a soft spot for tiered dresses even though they make me look like I have a bun in the oven(not really a look I'm going for), and when I wear it with t-straps and a hat with veil(have done it before and will do it again and take photos of it!), it has a nice flapper feel. Though I love the '20s as a cultural and fashion inspiration point, I don't own many things reflecting that(my body was really built for clothes from the '50s and early '60s), and I like to pull this dress out when I'm feeling like a jaunty flapper. I though the feathers were a nice touch. Hopefully "jaunty" will not become my new catch-word. Too many paretheses here. Better stop while I'm ahead. Over and out!


Ponytails and Puppies

top- Target
shorts- Urban Outfitters
wedges- Urban Outfitters
music- Gasoline- African Cowboy

Listen up kiddies and I'll tell you a tale, of an incredibly jaunty high ponytail!
Ok, I won't really sing you a song. But I sort of felt like an awesome '50s cheerleader with a ponytail this high. This is my outfit from Friday...I was planning on having a relaxing day off, but I had to take someone else's shift and worked from 2:30-11:30, and then Saturday from 7-3. It was very tiring, and responsible for my lack of posts for the last couple days. But here I am again! This outfit is sort of typical for me--stripes, shorts, black white and red. The ponytail is not so typical, but maybe I will start doing it more often, now that food service requires I pull my hair back??
I've spent the past hour on Petfinder looking for shepherd mix dogs for my parents to think about. No dog will ever be able to replace Liz, best dog ever who never drooled, licked, or smelled, and was so funny and amazing, but it makes me really sad to come visit my parents house and not be greeted by a dog. A house without a dog just doesn't feel right! I am letting them borrow Charlotte pretty often, but a fat, stinky, eye-rolling dog that won't go on walks or sit on the couch and watch tv with my dad is not really exactly their style, even though she's really good for cuddling. Anyway, I think I've found a candidate!!!! Even though it's quite young, which is against my adoption philosphy and theirs. However, she's a Liz doppelganger, and I would love for Charlotte to interact with a real dog sometime. Maybe they'd rub off on her.


100th Post!!!

dress(worn as top)- American Apparel
skirt- Chloe Loves Charlie
heels- Forever 21
music- Deniz Tek- RPM

I can hardly believe it, but according to Blogger, this is my 100th post! Good to know my photography skills have not improved in the least in 100 posts. I am really a quitter and always peter out on stuff/people/projects so I'm quite proud of myself for sticking with this for so long.
This dress(although calling it that is a bit rich) is insane. You can see every single pore on my body through it and it leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. The only times I've worn it on its own it's been quite successful, if you know what I mean. But I was feeling a bit more modest/not as skinny yesterday so I kept the bottom half covered. In theory that was a good idea but it kept riding up until it looked like I had a towel wrapped around my midriff unless I pulled it down constantly. Won't be trying that again for a while.
On a totally unrelated note, Borders is going out of business(kinda sad) and everything is 40% off, including the most beautiful cookbooks. I went today and bought three, two about pie(oh yes) and one about fruit cobblers. I want to go a few more times before it closes completely.



dress- vintage
belt- Target
sandals- Modcloth
music- Buffalo Springfield- Sit Down, I Think I Love You

Wow, I am getting a lot of mileage out of these sandals!! I should probably not wear every single day so they'll at least last til next summer, but they are so easy and match everything. Yesterday I worked a catering event at night, which I've done a few times before, and I always wear this dress, since I do not own Black Slacks and a White Button Down. This is a vintage Ralph Lauren dress my mom bought for me at a yard sale(thanks Mom!). When she first gave it to me I was extremely doubtful about whether I would ever wear a polo potato sack(it's quite baggy when it's unbelted), but I have really come to like it! This belt(which I'm also getting a lot of mileage out of, surprisingly) was clearly not meant to be worn at the waist, as it is ridiculously long, but I like the way it looks folded over itself.
Ok. It's 9:26 and I have to be awake again in 7 hours. Gotta split. But I did get two new dresses in the past week that I can't wait to wear! Stay tuned!



top- Target
skirt- Proenza Schouler for Target, via Buffalo Exchange
shoes- Urban Outfitters
music- Band of Horses- The General Specific

Whhoooo whee having a bad hair day. But it's cool, because I seriously did nothing but clean and read today and it felt AWESOME. This is not exactly the ideal outfit for maxin' and relaxin' but sometimes I like to get dressed up even when I'm not going to see another soul the whole day. This is an odd combination though, that's making me feel extremely buttoned up and covered up. I guess feeling repressed when your clothes reach your knees is an occupational hazard of being obsessed with short shorts. I feel like an uncool school teacher. I further experimented with taking photos in a different spot and it was definitely a fail today. Maybe I'll go back to the basil patch tomorrow and the results will be less lackluster.
Gotta fix this hair sitch tonight. Hopefully I will still have hair when I'm through.


Garden Party

dress- Modcloth
sandals- Modcloth
music- Coffin Lids- You Must Fight to Live(On the Planet of the Apes)

I wish I were going to a garden party in this dress(the weather is insanely beautiful today), but in reality, I am going to the Lamplighter. Oh well.
I'm branching out! I took these photos next to my brother's basil patch in my parents backyard. It's nice to get away from the brick corner that normally serves as my sad backdrop. I didn't mean to be so Modclothed, but sometimes it happens. I know everyone already knows about it, but it's still one of those websites I like to prowl nearly every day and fantasize about everything going on sale. As far as well-priced sweet little dresses go, you can't do much better!
I made a mango brown betty earlier that I am now eating with vanilla bean ice cream. Chopping mangoes is my new least favorite food-related chore!


Brain Dead

top- Urban Outfitters
shorts- Delia's
flats- Old Navy
music- Ween- Baby Bitch

Yup, yet another backless top! It's a bit of an obsession. I was mainly going for the colors here, and I've always though these shorts were sweet with ankle-strap flats. I worked from 7-3 today and woke up at 4 a.m. yesterday and am feeling a little woozy. At least it's a coffee place and I get free espresso! But still. Brain not working. Does not compute. Better post tomorrow.
Oh yeah...Betsy wears a classy pink collar from Target, complete with a stylish mouse print and jingly bell. That fat catitude is ALL HER, though.



dress- Forever 21
belt- Old Navy
flats- Urban Outfitters
music- Gene Vincent- Woman Love

Hey guess what?!? For the first time ever since I started this blog, I actually played around with the photo settings in a desperate attempt to make them look better. Did it work? Lord I hope so. I also took these photos inside...I swear I look like two completely different people depending on whether or not I'm indoors or out. I have a very, very basic, frills-free digital camera that does not take such great photos, but since a Canon or Nikon is wellllllllllllllll out of my price range I'm just gonna make do with what I got! Speaking of out of my price range, I tried on the most beautiful dress at Anthropologie today that fit me like a glove and was all I could ever want in a dress. I'm comtemplating starving for a few weeks to just go ahead and buy it, but I think I like food too much. I am going to watch it like a hawk to see if it goes on sale. I wish I had some sort of fancy event to go to in the near future to justify spending over $100 on a single item of clothing.
Dream dress included, I am definitely in a rockabilly mood(aren't I always?). Maybe it's because it's Elvis week. Maybe it's an occupational hazard of living in this badass city(although Memphis, being populated by some attractive dudes might help me enjoy you more). Or maybe it's because I watched the Outsiders one too many times as a preteen. Any way, it's a cultural touchstone I sort of can't escape when it comes to my clothes, no matter how much I admire Lou Doillon's style. This outfit sort of embodies that. Sweetheart neckline, tiny waist, full skirt--I'M IN. Ditto for spectator anything.



t-shirt- H&M, bought at Buffalo Exchange
skirt- H&M
sandals- Modcloth
music- CSNY- Helpless

Sorry about that incredibly lackluster and semi-aggressive post yesterday...it was a rough one. However, last night Alice and I went to see Crazy Stupid Love(such a bad title for such a good movie) and ogled Ryan Gosling in slim suits and drank too much baby wine and ate pizza from a bag, so the day ended on a good note. Though I would not recommend drinking 3 baby wines on an empty stomach unless you have an entire day to recover and a lot of greasy food at your disposal.
ANYWAY. I am actually wearing this t-shirt inside out, because believe it or not, the correct side is a burnout leopard tee with MINNIE MOUSE on it(come on, H&M, geez). Proving that I can find some potenial in the most embarassing of clothes, I bought it for about $5 bucks at a Buffalo Exchange in St. Louis and promptly cut the tags out, though a co-worker yesterday noticed and looked extremely confused when I tried to explain that it was on inside out on purpose, and that I can, in fact, dress myself.
I had to hem this skirt myself because it was a really unflattering length when I bought it, but since then it's become a staple of my office-appropriate clothes, since the color goes with everything and it has POCKETS. I am in extreme shopping mode right now but am having to suppress the urge, as Charlotte's annual checkup is looming and I think she also has an eye infection. Why you gotta hate, real life????


Lazy/Color Crazy

top- Alloy
leggings- American Apparel
sandals- Modcloth

top- Proenza Schouler for Target
skirt- thrifted
wedges- Modcloth
music- Dave Clark 5- Over And Over

Monday was the first day I have not worked at either the coffee shop or the office for almost a whole month straight, so I felt like doing nothing and wearing my person-who-gives-a-shit version of sweatpants, these leggings. I had really wanted some leather-looking leggings, which these had more in the beginning, but multiple wearings has sort of made them matte. I don't think I could ever wear actual leather pants without feeling like a member of INXS(not a bad style inspiration per se, but not quite what I'm going for.)
Yesterday I dressed like a sorbet(peach/grape/mint?). Speaking of, I would really like a popsicle maker. I rarely go for solid color, but if I'm going to do it I might as well do it properly! I'll do a better post tomorrow, I promise!


Paging Anna K.

dress- Forever 21
flats- Target
music- Anna Karina- Rollergirl

As you might have already noticed, I have a rather strong affinity for nautically inspired clothes. This dress is one of my very favorites, because it reminds me so much of my ultimate style icon/fantasy doppelganger/bang & eyeliner inspiration, Anna Karina. (I held up my hair so you could better see the neckline detail.) As legend has it, she styled herself in her own clothes in Alphaville, AND THEY ARE THE BEST SAILOR CLOTHES OF ALL TIME.

She is the former Mrs. Godard, and starred in several of his best(in my humble opinion) films. Speaking of, the Brooks is showing Vivre Sa Vie sometime this month(need to find out the exact date) and I am very excited! Wish my thick thick hair didn't so vehemently reject the Louise Brooks haircut that she has in that movie that I tried out 4 or so years ago. Despite oppressing me with its familiarity and 14 same faces I've been looking at since I was 15 years old, Memphis has some good things going on in the next few months. Like multiple Nouvelle Vague films at the Brooks, EARTH AT THE HITONE I AM GONNA BE DEAF AFTERWARDS BUT IT'LL BE WORTH IT, and Gonerfest. I'm kinda sad that it will still be far too hot to wear flannel to the Earth show, but I'll figure something out.
I really want to take a trip. A road trip or a plane trip. Preferably to somewhere that doesn't have a heat index of 114 AT NIGHT.


Goo Goo Muck

Cramps shirt- Ebay
shorts- American Apparel
belt- Target
flats- Target
music- DUH

High waists and leopard and polka dots, oh my! I went a little overboard with my favorite things in this outfit. If only something sailor-y were involved it would be complete! I very, very rarely wear t-shirts, although I am having to wear them far more often at work, since I am so clumsy and spill steamed milk everywhere and don't want to ruin actual nice(relatively speaking of course) clothes. I would really like to find a good opaque nail polish in the color of this shirt. I wore this on Saturday and I've sort of already forgotten what I was going to say about it? R.I.P. Lux Interior



top- Old Navy
jeans- Forever 21
wedges- Delia's
music- The Concretes- Say Something New

...or at least, that's how my boss described this outfit when I wore it to work on Saturday(minus the shoes of course, I can't stand longer than an hour in these). Can I talk about how big a mistake it was to wear pants in the Memphis summer longer than my work hours? This heat is no joke. At 8 p.m. tonight the radio announced that it was STILL 100 DEGREES. That's probably the last time these babies'll get broken out til about November, when the temperature finally drops to 70.
So my declaration to update this more often was obviously a fail, but back in the saddle I get. Definitely thinking of the bad Aerosmith song right now, I won't lie. Katherine and I are going thrfiting tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get some inspiration. The street style blogs I read are not cutting it right now, considering that the majority of their authors live in San Francisco/The Netherlands/Canada/other places where people wear TIGHTS in the SUMMER. Maybe I should just go all out Bedouin and wear a head to toe white linen tent. Sadly I don't own a fez.