dress- Delia's
flats- Old Navy
headband- Modcloth
music- Bee-Gees- You Should be Dancing (WHY is this stuck in my head good lord)

So I've not been so good at steady blogging but let's ignore that shall we? I bought this dress around sophomore year of high school(9 YEARS AGO I AM SO OLD) from that middle school catalog favorite, Delia's. For some reason around that age I always ordered things in 7's or 9's even though I am the same size I am now(i.e., not a 7 or 9). Therefore, the thing is huge on me. It was a potato sack. It still is a potato sack, albeit a much shorter potato sack(I was pretty fearless with the scissors back then). I've kept it because I have a soft spot for tiered dresses even though they make me look like I have a bun in the oven(not really a look I'm going for), and when I wear it with t-straps and a hat with veil(have done it before and will do it again and take photos of it!), it has a nice flapper feel. Though I love the '20s as a cultural and fashion inspiration point, I don't own many things reflecting that(my body was really built for clothes from the '50s and early '60s), and I like to pull this dress out when I'm feeling like a jaunty flapper. I though the feathers were a nice touch. Hopefully "jaunty" will not become my new catch-word. Too many paretheses here. Better stop while I'm ahead. Over and out!

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