Late Summer

top- vintage(my Mom's from her high school days)
skirt- vintage
wedges- Delia's
hat- Target $1 section
music- The Clash- What's My Name

Even though this hat is stiff as a board and doesn't really stay on my head well(why I am holding on in both photos!), the fact that I got it for a DOLLAR is just further proof that Target is the greatest store in the universe. Sometimes I feel like the security guards are looking at me like "seriously girl are you really here again already?" but I am my mother's daughter, and I start to feel sort of deprived if I don't go at least 2(or three) times a week.
Speaking of my mom, this tube top was hers in high school. It's one of the only items of clothing from that period that she's saved, although judging from photos of her I wish she'd kept more! The skirt is from my all-time favorite store(ok, not Target, but CLOTHING store), the Nitty Gritty in Louisville. I am SO SAD I cannot go to Louisville this weekend with one of my BFFs but it's probably just as well as I would spend a gazillion dollars on clothes. If I lived there(and I am seriously considering it) I would be constantly broke but my closet would be sooooo good. Since this is a knit skirt it's a bit hot for the average Memphis summer day, but yesterday(and today!) was actually pretty pleasant and I could wear it without suffering heatstroke. And yes, by pretty pleasant I still mean 94 degrees.
I tried to take a close-up of the hat in my mirror, sans tripod, but that didn't work out so well. However, I did realize that I really needed to clean my mirror. Have a great weekend!!!


  1. So true! Pleasant really does mean 90 degrees in Memphis speak. I like the outfit. I think it's time to go thriftin' soooooon.

  2. Love the picture. Looks very summery. Choppy sentences.