scarf- vintage
shirt- Urban Outfitters
jeans- Forever 21
wedges- Delia's
music- Blues Magoos- Albert Common is Dead

That second picture kinda makes me cringe, which, it turns out, looks pretty similar to how I look when attempting a wink. Oh well. Just trying to spice it up for ya over here.
I got this shirt for $9.99 at Urbn at while back but have not been able to wear it til last week due to not owning a properly colored bra. Normally I forgo a bra if that's the case but this shirt is a little too transparent for that. I love the cream color, and the cutouts! For when I'm feeling a touch too modest for a backless shirt. The sleeves are nice too.
I found this scarf inside of an old cigar box at a yard sale in high school. Although you're probably more likely to find a dead bug than a nice scarf inside a musty old box at a garage sale, I got lucky. I think I am wearing this scarf in my junior year yearbook photo? That would be during the peak of my rockabilly love, when I wore red mary janes every day. I like to think I've refined that look a little since then(and ditched the mary janes, after they got whipped cream in them when some dudez retaliated when we egged their house, sad day), but that might be wishful thinking.
I just spent an hour looking at apartments for rent in Chicago...culinary school! Pipe dreams! Unfortunately Charlotte would not be welcome in 75% of the listings I saw, and also I don't have $1195 a month. Toooooooooo bad

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  1. I love this look! Keep dreaming big! Nothing will ever happen if you don't dream...