(title unknown)

top- vintage
shorts- Forever 21
flats- Old Navy
music- Tomorrow- My White Bicycle

That second picture is sooooo awkward. My arms looks so stiff. Ok. Onto business. In the past couple days I have been thinking nonstop about future moving plans(or lack thereof) and it's left little room for other thought! I've also been working very early in the obscenely early morning hours quite a bit, as well as this weekend. Never will I appreciate Labor Day so much! I had today off(sort of) so yesterday was my weekend! I went to get margaritas with some fun ladies I've never hung out with before. Nice to know there are still people to get to know in Memphis!
I have probably spent over 5 hours total in the past week looking at dresses on Etsy. It's quite sad and ironic that I get most enthusiastic about clothes(I am always hesitant to use the word "fashion") when I have NO MONEY. To try and make myself feel like I had something new(this psychological trick did not work, by the way), I pulled out this top that I have worn about twice in my life, despite getting it over 3 years ago during a particularly fruitful trip to a Buffalo Exchange. My nails accidentally matched it. That seems to happen a lot, odd since I wear black about 60% of the time.

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