Futile Fall Fantasy

dress- vintage
flats- Target
music- The Cramps- The Most Exalted Potentate of Love

Again, trying to shop my closet and pull out things I don't wear often! I ordered this dress off Ebay a few years ago and, as often happens, it was waaaaaay too big. I hemmed it up about 4 inches and took off the weird belt it came with and now it looks like a perfect mod dress! Like most authentic mod-ish dresses I have it's fairly loose around the waist but kinda tight around the hips, which I guess served a Twiggy type quite well but doesn't have quite the same effect on me! I wear them anyway though! This dress is also made of a breezy linen blend instead of the itchy weird sweaty synthetic fabric that people got a little too happy with back then.
After bitching about the winter for ever and a day, I am oddly craving sweater weather now! Maybe this is because my brain is so currently obsessed with moving, most likely to a place much colder than this one(that's not too hard to be, since only NOLA and Brazilian jungle are hotter than the Memphis summer). I have a little winter wishlist going! Here's a (realistic) sample(the fantasy one will come later!):

booties from Delia's

dress from Forever 21

coat from Modcloth

shorts from Modcloth

jeans from Urban Outfitters

dress from Alloy
There is a WHOLE lot more, but I should stop while I'm ahead, no? I'm gonna keep the fall inspiration coming til it gets cooler, which should be sometime in November.
Happy Labor Day! Hope you get the day off.

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  1. I love your blue line dress it reminds me of one I own and wore for my college graduation. I don't see it as tight on the hips but of course I am not in it :) Love that you are a bargain shopper as I am a target fan from way back!