Blustery Days

cardigan- Target
top- Target
shorts(cut from pants)- Old Navy
boots- vintage

sweatshirt- Forever 21
camisole(underneath)- Old Navy
leggings- American Apparel
t-straps- Jeffrey Campbell, via Urban Outfitters

Wow, right after I made that last post the weather did exactly what I wanted! And I responded by wearing...a sweatshirt. Really though, I was so happy to slap some tights over these pasty stems. And SO pasty they are...I look moon-bright in that last photo. I kinda felt like an aerobics instructor who threw on some heels and went straight to a party after her class. I think I am too conceptual sometimes considering how simple the outfits end up being! I just made some cheese tortellini with tomato-basil cream and am so full I can't think! Tomorrow maybe. This weather is AMAZING. I even forced Charlotte to go on a different walk than normal and she LIKED it.
Going to a clothes swap tomorrow night, hopefully I'll end up with something good!

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