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Down by Law- dir. Jim Jarmusch

Dazed and Confused- dir. Richard Linklater

Two of my favorites scenes from two of my favorite movies...just cuz.
Wish I could embed this too, but sadly it's been disabled...NERD ALERT



The Wire- Season 3

A Single Man- dir. Tom Ford

Bande a Part- dir. Jean-Luc Godard

Jerri Blank

James Gang- Walk Away


Black Cat

sweatshirt- Forever 21
shorts- American Apparel
scarf- vintage
boots- Target
music- Earth- Tallahassee

Favorite black sweatshirt, favorite shorts, not my favorite but well-liked pair of boots, and leopard. Comfort dressing/dog hair magnet. I think I'm gonna take a hiatus from this for just a little while and focus on real life. TTYL internet.



Jane Birkin/Francoise Hardy/Annie Monroe/Chantal Goya/Anna Karina


R.I.P. La Liz

top- mark.
skirt- vintage
wedges- Urban Outfitters
music- Sonic Youth- Winner's Blues

I really should not wear this top so much. However, the fact that it is work-appropriate(SO RARE in my closet) and matches everything is not helping. On the other hand, I wear this skirt so rarely(I think maybe twice in 4 years) that it should be glad to get out, no matter what it's paired with. Yes, I just gave an inanimate item of clothing feelings. I really like this skirt even though it doesn't feel entirely my style. The details are so fun! Like big brass buttons that say "Equipements Militaires" on them and the amazing pockets. Also, the denim is so old that it's perfectly soft.
My hair's looking a little crazy. I keep looking at pictures of Anna Karina and thinking that I should probably get bangs again. Or a keratin treatment but that shit is like $150, and with all the suffering in this world I'm not sure that I can justify spending $150 on my hair. Even though I wear it every day and it's sort of the bane of my existence(besides my cats, the real bane of my existence, but I won't get started on that now).
We're going to see Torche tonight. No, I'm not wearing this skirt. I'm going to wear the top and shoes with my new high-waisted shorts which made my mother wince because they are so short and could probably get me thrown in jail for indecency.
On a sad note, rest in peace, Elizabeth Taylor. Not only was she one of the most insanely beautiful people to ever grace this earth, she was a great actress in that magnificent Old Hollywood style. My favorite Liz Taylor movie is most definitely that melodramatic tale of unrequited love, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. If you haven't seen it do yourself a favor and do! I also loved her as Gloria Wandrous in Butterfield 8, a quintessential tragic hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold story that is not nearly as good as she is in it.

as Maggie the Cat

proving that brunettes smolder far more than blondes!


Be Bop a Lula

cardigan- My Baby Jo
dress- Forever 21
wedges- Delia's
music- The Vibrators- Petrol

I like rockabilly shit. I won't lie. I know very few other genres can look so bad when taken to extremes, but I am subconsciously drawn to vaguely '50s clothes-- polka dots, full-skirted/tiny-waisted dresses, spectators, sailor garb, high-waisted shorts and pants, gingham, little sweaters-- probably more than anything else except Nuggets-era garage groupie style.(Why must I always dress with a theme?!) I think that getting into rockabilly/campy '50s movies took place at such a formative period of my development(age 16) that try as I might I can't escape it! Also, being from Memphis(and so proud of it) probably doesn't help matters. When I would accidentally cut my bangs too short(THE HORROR) everything I wore read waaaaay too literally bad '50s. Exhibit A: -me and my old friend John Bo, fall '06, that night I definitely got trapped by the po-po in the basement of someone's house while doing something I probably shouldn't have been doing but miraculously escaped- these might be the worst baby bangs I ever had. Photos like this make me really not want to get bangs again...though I am tiring of having a non-haircut haircut.
The birds(I have a bird thing) on this cardigan are '50s tattoo-ish but overall it's pretty subtle, which I like. I bought this a few years ago from My Baby Jo, which is about 400x more extreme than I will ever go, but they do have a crazy onesie right now that is sort of making my brain explode with WANT.



jean jacket- Old Navy
blouse- Forever 21
shorts- Delia's
espadrilles- Urban Outfitters
music- Sigur Ros- Glosoli

My day has been so dominated with cleaning up dog vomit(on the PILLOW, thank a lot, fatty) and cat pee(ARE YOU A HORSE? HOW CAN YOUR TINY BLADDER HOLD SO MUCH PEE?) that I don't have much energy to spare for this. You know those days when you're in the shower thinking of what you're gonna wear and an outfit is GLORIOUS in your head(if you, like me, are the kind of person who throws around the word "glorious" for something as mundane as an outfit)? But then you put it on and you're like...only in theory. I think today was one of those days. Oh well. Maybe I'm feeling funny because the moon is going to be full tonight, fuller than it's been in 17 years? I can't think of an ideal vantage point in Memphis to watch it from. Downtown on the Mississippi would be so picturesque but I highly doubt it'll even be visible with all the light pollution. Sorta creepy but I'm excited nonetheless.
I am really hamming it up with my face in this picture. Try smiling after cleaning up 3 consecutive rounds of dog vom. Speaking of ham:


Taste of Freedom

dress- H&M
scarf- yard sale
loafers- Target
music- Black Sunday- On the Way Downtown

I took today off of work, just cause. And let me tell you, it was the finest feeling in the world! Getting to see the sunshine and not having to wake up at 7, and moving at my own pace, and taking an hour-long walk with Charlotte that would have taken 10 minutes with a normal dog...it was great. I went thrifting at a former K-mart...I have never seen a thrift store so huge. I gave me a slight headache to dig through so much stuff, but I did come away with a top. I then escalated my headache into a migraine by going out to the Wolfchase mall(WHY LORD WHY). That place feels like another planet. A planet I'm really glad I don't live on, I should say. I just bought a pair of high-waisted shorts(yeah, another pair, you can't say I'm not consistent) and then gave up that place as a loss. I probably won't attempt to go out there again for at least another 6 months, after I forget how irritating it is.
I just realized that I'm wearing red, white and blue for my day of freedom...very appropriate.


Raaaaaammmmblin' (Wo)Man

top- mark.
skirt- some boutique in St. Louis in 2004, the tag says "Canal" in really tacky font
tights- Old Navy
t-straps- vintage
music- New Order- Ceremony

Damn, maybe I should have taken up one of those creepy faux-modeling agencies that approach you in the mall to lure you out of your money(last time I was like I AM WAY TOO OLD FOR YOU TO BE HARASSING) because I sure as shit can't figure out how to pose. Hands on hips? Why not? And I have to smile, because if I don't I look so hilariously serious, like I'm taking a Glamour Shot, minus all the makeup and the Vaseline-d lens.
I've got a cake in the oven so I'll make this quick. (Yellow cake, caramel icing, woo hoo). In my mind this skirt is all '40s trumpet skirt, but I'm not sure if that's how it actually looks. I definitely remember buying it for $9.99 at some weird store when Elizabeth and I went to St. Louis junior year of high school(I sure traveled a lot in my teen years). St. Louis...it's nice but it just doesn't really do it for me. Last time I was there I got bubble tea 3 times and napped in the backseat of a car with the windows rolled up during the summer. That's how devoted I am to napping, people. I have no clue where I was going with all this. Back to the cake!!!


La Petite Abeille

coat- Forever 21
flats- vintage, from a garage sale
music- The Kinks- Strangers

I was worried this color combo might end up looking cartoonish(I wisely decided not to wear stripes with the yellow), but instead it felt just cheerful enough. I actually totally forgot about this coat(a hazard of having too many clothes) all winter, until now. Luckily(trying to put a positive spin on something annoying) it was cold enough today to wear it at least once before spring really kicks in. One of the buttons is missing(thanks, F21) but my hair is strategically placed to hide it. Poor people gotta make do!
I bought my old man/lady loafer wedges at Theater Memphis's annual sale where they purge the excess from their costume department. They're really slick on the bottom, so I'm surprised I didn't fall down and bust a hip like a real old lady in them. The day's not over yet, though.



cardigan- Old Navy
top- Urban Outfitters
shorts- American Apparel
flats- Old Navy
music- Wilson Pickett- Land of 1000 Dances

Yes, I am well aware of the fact that I am wearing both these shoes and these shorts to death. I just go through brief but passionate affairs with certain items of clothing during which we are inseparable. That's how I felt about this top several years ago. I bought it in Montreal in the summer of 2004(what a magical city) and wore it like it was the only thing in my closet for about 2 years afterwards. I have lots of fond memories in it, and I like to break it out now and again to remind myself of all the fun I've had in it, and how it makes me look like I actually have something notable in the rack department. Plus it is the mint green color of my dreams/dishes/nail polish/tumbler that holds our toothbrushes/cuckoo clock/favorite purse.
Saw Sofia Coppola's Somewhere today. I probably need to think on this one a little more before I decide how I felt about it. But she is one of my favorite directors. Her films really capture the eloquence of loneliness. She also has such an eye for beauty, and a knack for making the strange and fantastic(Tokyo, Versailles, contemporary Hollywood excess) seem normal and not so jarring, but without entirely taking away your awe of them. And her films are so wonderfully quiet and subtle, which might be the only quality that unites all of my favorite movies. Anyway, I've been thinking about maybe going into film studies, but needless to say my critical analysis is less than sharp most of the time. Plus I'm not sure my taste would fly amongst film students...who probably think the Criteron Collection is too mainstream. Or at the opposite end of the spectrum there might be dummies who like shit like Donnie Darko and The Fight Club(have you noticed this tends to be the same type of person?). If I even get started there I'll end up ranting all night and coming off like a major asshole. And then again, the whole thing might ruin my taste for film in general, in the way that painfully deconstructing beautiful novels and forcing symbolism that was never intended is why I didn't go into English as an academic field, despite my lifelong love for reading. I'm currently reading Possession by A.S. Byatt and I just finished The Dying Animal by Philip Roth...the first Roth I've ever read and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Byatt is so over-the-top literary in a very old-fashioned way, and so layered and slow(I mean that in a good pre-1920s way). Neil LaBute directed the film version? Still trying to wrap my head around that. Proooooobably gonna avoid that one.
Whoops...I'll get back to talking about clothes next time.


#1 Dress

dress- Behnaz Sarafpour for Target
flats- Old Navy
music- The Lollipop Shoppe- You Must Be a Witch

I got a much needed haircut today. She straightened it too. I feel like a whole new human! Though sadly it won't last. I know I'll wake up tomorrow to a frizz-bomb on top of my head.
This dress might just be my favorite dress. QUITE a statement, I know, considering the possibly unhealthy number of dresses in my closet. It's lace, it's a shift dress, it's short, it's mod-ish, it's black/grey/cream, it's partly sheer, and it's sleeveless-- all things I highly prize in a dress. It's only flaw might be that the individual lace panels tend to ride up and I'm constantly having to pull them back down. All in all though I'd have to say it's worth it.
Right this second I'm about to pull some peanut butter and jelly bars out of the oven...yum. I saw that the Pink Palace is currently hosting an exhibit on George Washington Carver...I wonder if they have samples?!?
P.S.- A thought--I'm going to try and maybe start taking pictures somewhere other than my yard? Memphis is chock-full of amazing picturesque places/settings. Hopefully. I'm typing it out cause then I'm more likely to actually do it.



cardigan- Forever 21
dress- Forever 21
flats- Old Navy
music- The Troggs- With a Girl Like You

I should really invest in an iron. I had no clue that I looked as wrinkly as a damn prune until I took these photos. Maybe because I am dead on my feet...I'm about to nap out, then wake up and watch The Wire(you didn't honestly think I would go a whole post without mentioning it, right?) and then bake peanut butter and jelly bars, then nap out again. I know that makes me sound really stoned(that 2nd photo isn't helping either) but I'm actually just tired! And hungry...always hungry.
I think the weather is going to be be-yoooo-tiful this weekend and I cannot wait! If only my wimpy ass dog would go on a walk with me...I've read that pits are the most stubborn breed of dog, and after having a 45-minute standoff during which Charlotte and I stared at each other while pulling in opposite directions on the leash(her back towards the house), I would have to agree.



top- mark.
skirt- vintage
loafers- Target

Cardigan- sears
Camisole- the limited via murfreesboro consignment store
Skirt- urban
Belt- thrift
Boots- estate sale after my previous exact pair saw their last day

Hay. Let me introduce my BFF/former roommate for 2.5 really fun years/P.I.C./only person who reads this blog/former fellow co-host of the most unprofessional radio show of all time/clothes soulmate, Christie. She is in med school in Johnson City TN, has a really fun Tumblr(don't know if she wants me to share the link or not), and is the mama of the tiniest, most adorable, sassiest black kitty in the world, Lil Bit. We took these pictures at the Hi-tone last night, where we took advantage of $1 pizza(sort of an unreal deal given that each slice is the size of a dinner plate) and an empty ping pong table. All I have to say about myself is that I was not kidding around when I said I like to dress up like a sailor, and TGIGAHS(thank god i'm getting a haircut Saturday). Also ignore the manic glint in my eyes there. It might just have been the pizza daze I was in. Or the world's strongest rum and Coke that caused me to say "OH INDEED" like Omar Little about 5 times, I'm sure very irritating-ly.
And just when you thought it was over...

cardigan- Old Navy
dress- vintage
boots- gift from Christie!
Isn't this print crazy?!? I can't really figure out who thought it would be a good idea. But when I saw it at a vintage booth at the Broad Ave. festival a few months ago I knew I couldn't resist. From afar it looks like a nice old minding-its-own-business floral, then up close....PLANES(in case you couldn't tell). I'm not sure if it's a failed attempt at some sort of political statement or just the product of a bored textile designer. Either way I kinda like it.


Roll Out

cardigan- Urban Outfitters
dress- vintage
belt- my mom's from college(I seem to have inherited the belts, nothing else)
heels- Modcloth
music- Lee Hazelwood & Nancy Sinatra- Some Velvet Morning

I felt like an absolute giant in these shoes today. It was an awesome feeling. Tall people must feel so powerful. It would be easy to abuse that, towering over the short and stout common folk.
Ok....I digress. Winter, you're killing me here. I don't own enough tights for this nonsense. Now you've got me showing my tight seams through open-toed shoes. I was hoping it wouldn't come to this. But aren't these shoes fun? They have heels like a hardwood floor, and I believe Modcloth called them "Pumpkin Pie Heels", and you know how I'm a sucker for baked goods, now matter how flimsy the association.

Speaking of, I made a jelly roll last night. I have never made something with such a ridiculous series of steps. I felt like I was practicing some witches' spell. "Sprinkle a towel of a certain size with powdered sugar, immediately dump your 400-degree, 1/2 thick cake onto the towel, roll it up tightly and place on top of the cooling oven for 30 minutes, under the full moon whilst accompanied by a toad singing a lullaby." It turned out well though, and I thought it was adorable, even though Andy told me it looked like a raspberry jam burrito. It felt very British. Now I really want to make a Bakewell tart, if only I can find a recipe that doesn't give me the ingredient measurements in grams...


Hey, Cupcake!

jean jacket- Old Navy
shirt- American Eagle
skirt- Target
flats- Nine West
music- The Fall- The Classical

This skirt makes me feel like a billowing cloud of whipped cream on top of a pastry. Although it looks white here, it's actually an extremely pale shade of pink. That makes me think of baked goods. Because honestly, when am I not thinking of baked goods? I really like clothes and all that, but baking is what I enjoy the most. I'm attempting to keep embellishing my Sweet Tooth menu until it's ready for the public eye, and even though I haven't gotten any orders since the holidays I'm still confident that I can do this. Today I'm about to go make a jelly roll, which I've never tried before. I recently bought a jelly roll pan, which probably seems quite frivolous to people who don't spend every waking minute fantasizing about cake, but it's gotten to the point where I need one in my life. Plus it doubles as a cookie sheet. And feels charmingly old-fashioned.
The title of this post(also the title of a cookbook I do not own) made me think of the Fall song mentioned above and the line "hey there, fuckface"...and now it's stuck in my head. Not a tune to sing aloud while baking at my parents.


Black March

shirt- Target
skirt- vintage
tights- Target
boots- Macy's
music- X- Cyrano De Berger's Back
So today I learned a thing or two. Like: there is a reason I wear so much eyeliner. Cause I look like a MONSTER without it. So the great red lipstick/no other makeup experiment is going to go down as a failure, I'm afraid. And whenever I take these pictures outside I feel pale and lifeless and also hey, where my eyebrows at? Because inside they are threatening to take over my face but outside they are not visible. Ah well. The camera gives you neither truth nor lies!

This skirt is from Garbo's, one of Memphis's only remaining vintage stores. There are several different types of vintage stores. Some are full of over-priced polyester shit that is often costume-y and ill-fitting, and even if they're subtle and decently fitted are probably not worth $74. Others, like Garbo's, are like thrift stores, where the prices are pretty good but you are going to have to dig for an hour or so to unearth a treasure. Very few are like my favorite store in the universe, the Nitty Gritty in Louisville, which is fairly priced and magnificently edited. Don't even get me started there. Nevertheless, I occasionally give Garbo's a shot and find things like this skirt for $20. It sheds sequins and once got me sent home from work, but I'm still letting it reside in my closet despite these flaws.
I wanted the weather to make up its mind and it looks like it did...to be cold and rainy. Til it gets warm to stay I'm probably going to continue to dress like I'm in mourning. Although sequins...would definitely make for flashy funeral attire.



top- Sears(yeah, you read that right)
skirt- H&M
fishnets- ?
heels- Payless
music- Interpol- Obstacle 1

Hey reader(s?)! My computer and camera have both been wonky all week. I think the camera's all right now but my faithful computer, which I got in 2005 and has survived 4 1/2 years of college, countless weird social networking messages, a 70-lb dog slapping it when she wants attention, and being kicked off the bed about 100 times, is finally exhaling a death rattle as I type. For instance, I wanted to talk about how these shoes remind me of the fussy little booties the obese Louis XIV balances so precariously on in his royal portraits, but attempting to open 2 browsers at once(to image search) will actually shut down the entire computer. So I'm just posting to say I'm still here! Inwardly marvelling at the Wire every day(and my #1 Wire crush--who doesn't get enough airtime sadly) and baking and wearing okay clothes. Perhaps my half-assed smile and outfit here is not the best reassurance. But I'll try to be better this coming week.
Right now--gonna convince Andy he too is desperately craving Chinese Sub Shop.
EDIT: My legs look weirdly muscular here. That is a lie. I have about as much muscle as a goose being force-fed as it makes it way into becoming foie gras.