Black March

shirt- Target
skirt- vintage
tights- Target
boots- Macy's
music- X- Cyrano De Berger's Back
So today I learned a thing or two. Like: there is a reason I wear so much eyeliner. Cause I look like a MONSTER without it. So the great red lipstick/no other makeup experiment is going to go down as a failure, I'm afraid. And whenever I take these pictures outside I feel pale and lifeless and also hey, where my eyebrows at? Because inside they are threatening to take over my face but outside they are not visible. Ah well. The camera gives you neither truth nor lies!

This skirt is from Garbo's, one of Memphis's only remaining vintage stores. There are several different types of vintage stores. Some are full of over-priced polyester shit that is often costume-y and ill-fitting, and even if they're subtle and decently fitted are probably not worth $74. Others, like Garbo's, are like thrift stores, where the prices are pretty good but you are going to have to dig for an hour or so to unearth a treasure. Very few are like my favorite store in the universe, the Nitty Gritty in Louisville, which is fairly priced and magnificently edited. Don't even get me started there. Nevertheless, I occasionally give Garbo's a shot and find things like this skirt for $20. It sheds sequins and once got me sent home from work, but I'm still letting it reside in my closet despite these flaws.
I wanted the weather to make up its mind and it looks like it did...to be cold and rainy. Til it gets warm to stay I'm probably going to continue to dress like I'm in mourning. Although sequins...would definitely make for flashy funeral attire.

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