top- Sears(yeah, you read that right)
skirt- H&M
fishnets- ?
heels- Payless
music- Interpol- Obstacle 1

Hey reader(s?)! My computer and camera have both been wonky all week. I think the camera's all right now but my faithful computer, which I got in 2005 and has survived 4 1/2 years of college, countless weird social networking messages, a 70-lb dog slapping it when she wants attention, and being kicked off the bed about 100 times, is finally exhaling a death rattle as I type. For instance, I wanted to talk about how these shoes remind me of the fussy little booties the obese Louis XIV balances so precariously on in his royal portraits, but attempting to open 2 browsers at once(to image search) will actually shut down the entire computer. So I'm just posting to say I'm still here! Inwardly marvelling at the Wire every day(and my #1 Wire crush--who doesn't get enough airtime sadly) and baking and wearing okay clothes. Perhaps my half-assed smile and outfit here is not the best reassurance. But I'll try to be better this coming week.
Right now--gonna convince Andy he too is desperately craving Chinese Sub Shop.
EDIT: My legs look weirdly muscular here. That is a lie. I have about as much muscle as a goose being force-fed as it makes it way into becoming foie gras.


  1. haha about foie gras! can't wait to watch the wire! mmm stringer

  2. yes! i am sort of in love with carver, even though he is a dumbass. and brother mouzone is my new fashion icon.

  3. is carver your crush?!!! i am shocked

  4. does no one else think he is adorable?!? i'm gonna make you see when we watch it together