Ready for Spring

top- Old Navy
skirt- H & M
boots- Old Navy
music- The Royal Pendletons- No Teasin' Round

This weather needs to stop teasin' round with me! This morning it was 70 degrees and when I emerged from the windowless soul-sucking dungeon I call work 8 hours later it was about 45 degrees. Quit that already! I am so ready to break out my summer dresses and really dirty beloved pair of teal espadrilles. But currently I picture the weather(like that adorable cloud in the Pixar short before Up) shrugging its shoulders and saying "eh?" before dropping 30 degrees, dumping gallons of rain on us, and then becoming extra warm and making the buttercups bloom too early. (There are some in my front yard! I was so happy too see them! minus the too early part)
I am totally exhausted and may or may not be planning on exploring illegal avenues to watch the Wire and/or consuming half a Little Caesar's $5 pizza in the next 30 minutes. Little Caesar's $5 pizza(and its alarmingly close proximity to my house) is like instant Netflix...I can't decide if it's the best or worst thing to ever happen to me.

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