top- H & M
tube top underneath- my mom's from high school
jeans- Forever 21
flats- Urban Outfitters
headband- Modcloth
music- Mouserocket- All Been Broken

I love this top but it really needs to get out more. The only other time I've ever worn it was a very memorable viewing of Beowulf 3-D back in '07, which chemical enhancement led me to believe was the funniest movie I'd ever seen. I also didn't realize it was animated til about 30 minutes in, and tried to name our pizza cutter Hrunting when we got home from the movie.
ANYWAY. This is the second feather headband I've bought in the past few years...my first one fell apart completely, but this one seems a lot sturdier. I find hairpieces really romantic in a Marie Antoinette and/or early 20th century way (see: my Wings of the Dove post) and I wish I owned more. I especially love perusing the lovely Jennifer Behr site and dreaming of wearing $300 antique crystal hair clips as I do the dishes. Sigh...
Gonna watch the Oscars tonight...pulling for my favorite movie of the year, Winter's Bone! If John Hawkes doesn't win that best supporting actor award it'll be a crime. Speaking of crime...I love Stringer Bell in those glasses. Ow ow.

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