sweater- Target
leggings- American Apparel
flats- Old Navy
music- Neil Young- Cripple Creek Ferry

So some days I feel bloaty like a puffer fish and long to be a worthless lump all day. Since fighting it would be futile I dress accordingly. All I really want to do is watch disc 1 of the second season of The Wire, but God, Netflix, Black Lodge, the library, illegal downloading, and some asshole in Memphis who is watching this show AT EXACTLY THE SAME POINT AS ME are currently denying me this privilege. Anyway, I'm probably going to putt around fuming in my obese lady sweater as I attempt to figure out a way to watch this damn addictive show without having to buy the entire season. And I'm going to channel this rage into some fudgy meringue cookies.

Thanks for teaching me how to play chess, D'Angelo

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