blazer- Urban Outfitters
blouse- Forever 21
pants- Banana Republic
boots- vintage
music- The Legends- Trouble Loves Me

Sometimes when I get dressed, I'm just trying to cover up my lady parts and get out the door. Other times I put a little more thought into it and end up dressing with a certain theme or image in mind. Like today.

I like to think of this as my Brief Encounter blazer, because it reminds me of that wonderful bittersweet '40s English romance. Unlike other doomed-romance films of the same time, like Casablanca, this movie is intimate, quiet and refreshingly devoid of the over-acting that characterizes most movies from the first half of the 20th century. And I have never seen a movie so gray...in a good way.

And cause I got on this tangent from clothing, I'll also mention that I was thinking of Faye Dunaway in Chinatown with my blouse and pants...specifically the scene when she's just returned from horseback riding and Jack Nicholson is questioning her about her husband's death. God the costumes in that movie are divine. And Faye Dunaway looks way too glamourous for horseback riding, which I actually find supremely uncomfortable and not glamourous at all. But Faye Dunaway in the '60s and '70s never looked anything short of AMAZING. Wish I could get my hair to do a finger wave.
I'm watching Johnny violently attack a leaf and jump in terror when it actually moves. Whoever said cats were smarter than dogs has either spent too much or too little time around cats.

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