color day 5: blue

cardigan- from mom's closet
dress- American Apparel
stockings- vintage
flats- UO

This dress is SO TIGHT good lord! Probably overkill with the back-seamed stockings but they were the only tights I had clean, oh well. This dress is the purest primary-color-blue I have. And I tied up this cardigan because it has a couple holes towards the bottom(sorry mom). Man, back-seamed stockings sure turn my step into a sassy stomp. Every girl should wear a pair at least once in life!


color day 4: green

cardigan- Banana Republic
dress- Jean Paul Gaultier for Target
flats- UO

oops, I got a little behind, due to a bonkers work schedule and an even more bonkers sleep schedule. I actually wore this last Saturday! It's my rockabilly mermaid dress, one of my absolute favorites. Body-hugging polka dots and lace, hellllloooo. I am in a crazy shopping mood but I can't seem to find anything I want! First world problems, yes I know. I did buy an insane romper at the thrift store the other day, I think it might be for a child. To sleep in. Ooooh well! I DO WHAT I WANT


color day 3: yellow

dress- vintage from Tigerlily Frocks
flats- Target

This magical handmade vintage dress pretty much made me feel like a disco Disney princess. I'm always a bit afraid of yellow but turns out it looks awesome with my hair/skin color. Yesterday was the last of the freakishly warm weather, I'm back to tights today! I am really enjoying wearing more color. And challenging myself! Also, HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that this fence looks 10x better than ye old brick wall that stands 2 feet away from it?? Solution to my photography problem!


color day 2: orange

dress- Old Navy
wedges- Urban Outfitters

orange is a tricky color. it can veer towards velveeta, school traffic guard vest, or, in this region of the country, UT orange. suffice it to say I don't own much orange. this peachy color is as close as I get! I hardly ever wear this dress because I feel a bit childish in florals, but this has a Monet-garden quality about the print that I really like. and it really does make me look radiantly pale: always a plus!