color day 3: yellow

dress- vintage from Tigerlily Frocks
flats- Target

This magical handmade vintage dress pretty much made me feel like a disco Disney princess. I'm always a bit afraid of yellow but turns out it looks awesome with my hair/skin color. Yesterday was the last of the freakishly warm weather, I'm back to tights today! I am really enjoying wearing more color. And challenging myself! Also, HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that this fence looks 10x better than ye old brick wall that stands 2 feet away from it?? Solution to my photography problem!


  1. sweet dress! i've always been scared of yellow, too, but i thrifted a vintage yellow dress a few days ago and can't wait to wear it!

  2. My Disney princess! Beautiful and regal! So much <3.

  3. two kitty kats commenting on this post! I feel so honored