Hey, Cupcake!

jean jacket- Old Navy
shirt- American Eagle
skirt- Target
flats- Nine West
music- The Fall- The Classical

This skirt makes me feel like a billowing cloud of whipped cream on top of a pastry. Although it looks white here, it's actually an extremely pale shade of pink. That makes me think of baked goods. Because honestly, when am I not thinking of baked goods? I really like clothes and all that, but baking is what I enjoy the most. I'm attempting to keep embellishing my Sweet Tooth menu until it's ready for the public eye, and even though I haven't gotten any orders since the holidays I'm still confident that I can do this. Today I'm about to go make a jelly roll, which I've never tried before. I recently bought a jelly roll pan, which probably seems quite frivolous to people who don't spend every waking minute fantasizing about cake, but it's gotten to the point where I need one in my life. Plus it doubles as a cookie sheet. And feels charmingly old-fashioned.
The title of this post(also the title of a cookbook I do not own) made me think of the Fall song mentioned above and the line "hey there, fuckface"...and now it's stuck in my head. Not a tune to sing aloud while baking at my parents.

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