Taste of Freedom

dress- H&M
scarf- yard sale
loafers- Target
music- Black Sunday- On the Way Downtown

I took today off of work, just cause. And let me tell you, it was the finest feeling in the world! Getting to see the sunshine and not having to wake up at 7, and moving at my own pace, and taking an hour-long walk with Charlotte that would have taken 10 minutes with a normal dog...it was great. I went thrifting at a former K-mart...I have never seen a thrift store so huge. I gave me a slight headache to dig through so much stuff, but I did come away with a top. I then escalated my headache into a migraine by going out to the Wolfchase mall(WHY LORD WHY). That place feels like another planet. A planet I'm really glad I don't live on, I should say. I just bought a pair of high-waisted shorts(yeah, another pair, you can't say I'm not consistent) and then gave up that place as a loss. I probably won't attempt to go out there again for at least another 6 months, after I forget how irritating it is.
I just realized that I'm wearing red, white and blue for my day of freedom...very appropriate.

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