cardigan- Forever 21
dress- Forever 21
flats- Old Navy
music- The Troggs- With a Girl Like You

I should really invest in an iron. I had no clue that I looked as wrinkly as a damn prune until I took these photos. Maybe because I am dead on my feet...I'm about to nap out, then wake up and watch The Wire(you didn't honestly think I would go a whole post without mentioning it, right?) and then bake peanut butter and jelly bars, then nap out again. I know that makes me sound really stoned(that 2nd photo isn't helping either) but I'm actually just tired! And hungry...always hungry.
I think the weather is going to be be-yoooo-tiful this weekend and I cannot wait! If only my wimpy ass dog would go on a walk with me...I've read that pits are the most stubborn breed of dog, and after having a 45-minute standoff during which Charlotte and I stared at each other while pulling in opposite directions on the leash(her back towards the house), I would have to agree.


  1. I like your blog! I am also Wire-crazy.

  2. thank you!!! watching the wire has made me feel like i'm a member of a secret(though not really, since it was on HBO) society and i am thoroughly enjoying it.

  3. great outfit!love the dress!