top- mark.
skirt- vintage
loafers- Target

Cardigan- sears
Camisole- the limited via murfreesboro consignment store
Skirt- urban
Belt- thrift
Boots- estate sale after my previous exact pair saw their last day

Hay. Let me introduce my BFF/former roommate for 2.5 really fun years/P.I.C./only person who reads this blog/former fellow co-host of the most unprofessional radio show of all time/clothes soulmate, Christie. She is in med school in Johnson City TN, has a really fun Tumblr(don't know if she wants me to share the link or not), and is the mama of the tiniest, most adorable, sassiest black kitty in the world, Lil Bit. We took these pictures at the Hi-tone last night, where we took advantage of $1 pizza(sort of an unreal deal given that each slice is the size of a dinner plate) and an empty ping pong table. All I have to say about myself is that I was not kidding around when I said I like to dress up like a sailor, and TGIGAHS(thank god i'm getting a haircut Saturday). Also ignore the manic glint in my eyes there. It might just have been the pizza daze I was in. Or the world's strongest rum and Coke that caused me to say "OH INDEED" like Omar Little about 5 times, I'm sure very irritating-ly.
And just when you thought it was over...

cardigan- Old Navy
dress- vintage
boots- gift from Christie!
Isn't this print crazy?!? I can't really figure out who thought it would be a good idea. But when I saw it at a vintage booth at the Broad Ave. festival a few months ago I knew I couldn't resist. From afar it looks like a nice old minding-its-own-business floral, then up close....PLANES(in case you couldn't tell). I'm not sure if it's a failed attempt at some sort of political statement or just the product of a bored textile designer. Either way I kinda like it.


  1. that dress with those boots looks great! and i noticed yr worn-in elbow holes the other day on that cardigan. i liked the way it looked.