Be Bop a Lula

cardigan- My Baby Jo
dress- Forever 21
wedges- Delia's
music- The Vibrators- Petrol

I like rockabilly shit. I won't lie. I know very few other genres can look so bad when taken to extremes, but I am subconsciously drawn to vaguely '50s clothes-- polka dots, full-skirted/tiny-waisted dresses, spectators, sailor garb, high-waisted shorts and pants, gingham, little sweaters-- probably more than anything else except Nuggets-era garage groupie style.(Why must I always dress with a theme?!) I think that getting into rockabilly/campy '50s movies took place at such a formative period of my development(age 16) that try as I might I can't escape it! Also, being from Memphis(and so proud of it) probably doesn't help matters. When I would accidentally cut my bangs too short(THE HORROR) everything I wore read waaaaay too literally bad '50s. Exhibit A: -me and my old friend John Bo, fall '06, that night I definitely got trapped by the po-po in the basement of someone's house while doing something I probably shouldn't have been doing but miraculously escaped- these might be the worst baby bangs I ever had. Photos like this make me really not want to get bangs again...though I am tiring of having a non-haircut haircut.
The birds(I have a bird thing) on this cardigan are '50s tattoo-ish but overall it's pretty subtle, which I like. I bought this a few years ago from My Baby Jo, which is about 400x more extreme than I will ever go, but they do have a crazy onesie right now that is sort of making my brain explode with WANT.


  1. oh god have you seen portlandia? "put a bird on it!"

  2. haha Christie I love that skit. And Jenny, I really dig those bangs, obviously :). Love the super straight!

  3. i have not seen that show! but i really like fred armisen so i probably should.
    little bang did not work on me! i need longer ones. i miss them. even though i'll have to sacrifice sleep time to blow dry them in the morning.