Ponytails and Puppies

top- Target
shorts- Urban Outfitters
wedges- Urban Outfitters
music- Gasoline- African Cowboy

Listen up kiddies and I'll tell you a tale, of an incredibly jaunty high ponytail!
Ok, I won't really sing you a song. But I sort of felt like an awesome '50s cheerleader with a ponytail this high. This is my outfit from Friday...I was planning on having a relaxing day off, but I had to take someone else's shift and worked from 2:30-11:30, and then Saturday from 7-3. It was very tiring, and responsible for my lack of posts for the last couple days. But here I am again! This outfit is sort of typical for me--stripes, shorts, black white and red. The ponytail is not so typical, but maybe I will start doing it more often, now that food service requires I pull my hair back??
I've spent the past hour on Petfinder looking for shepherd mix dogs for my parents to think about. No dog will ever be able to replace Liz, best dog ever who never drooled, licked, or smelled, and was so funny and amazing, but it makes me really sad to come visit my parents house and not be greeted by a dog. A house without a dog just doesn't feel right! I am letting them borrow Charlotte pretty often, but a fat, stinky, eye-rolling dog that won't go on walks or sit on the couch and watch tv with my dad is not really exactly their style, even though she's really good for cuddling. Anyway, I think I've found a candidate!!!! Even though it's quite young, which is against my adoption philosphy and theirs. However, she's a Liz doppelganger, and I would love for Charlotte to interact with a real dog sometime. Maybe they'd rub off on her.

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