dress- Forever 21
belt- Old Navy
flats- Urban Outfitters
music- Gene Vincent- Woman Love

Hey guess what?!? For the first time ever since I started this blog, I actually played around with the photo settings in a desperate attempt to make them look better. Did it work? Lord I hope so. I also took these photos inside...I swear I look like two completely different people depending on whether or not I'm indoors or out. I have a very, very basic, frills-free digital camera that does not take such great photos, but since a Canon or Nikon is wellllllllllllllll out of my price range I'm just gonna make do with what I got! Speaking of out of my price range, I tried on the most beautiful dress at Anthropologie today that fit me like a glove and was all I could ever want in a dress. I'm comtemplating starving for a few weeks to just go ahead and buy it, but I think I like food too much. I am going to watch it like a hawk to see if it goes on sale. I wish I had some sort of fancy event to go to in the near future to justify spending over $100 on a single item of clothing.
Dream dress included, I am definitely in a rockabilly mood(aren't I always?). Maybe it's because it's Elvis week. Maybe it's an occupational hazard of living in this badass city(although Memphis, being populated by some attractive dudes might help me enjoy you more). Or maybe it's because I watched the Outsiders one too many times as a preteen. Any way, it's a cultural touchstone I sort of can't escape when it comes to my clothes, no matter how much I admire Lou Doillon's style. This outfit sort of embodies that. Sweetheart neckline, tiny waist, full skirt--I'M IN. Ditto for spectator anything.

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