t-shirt- H&M, bought at Buffalo Exchange
skirt- H&M
sandals- Modcloth
music- CSNY- Helpless

Sorry about that incredibly lackluster and semi-aggressive post yesterday...it was a rough one. However, last night Alice and I went to see Crazy Stupid Love(such a bad title for such a good movie) and ogled Ryan Gosling in slim suits and drank too much baby wine and ate pizza from a bag, so the day ended on a good note. Though I would not recommend drinking 3 baby wines on an empty stomach unless you have an entire day to recover and a lot of greasy food at your disposal.
ANYWAY. I am actually wearing this t-shirt inside out, because believe it or not, the correct side is a burnout leopard tee with MINNIE MOUSE on it(come on, H&M, geez). Proving that I can find some potenial in the most embarassing of clothes, I bought it for about $5 bucks at a Buffalo Exchange in St. Louis and promptly cut the tags out, though a co-worker yesterday noticed and looked extremely confused when I tried to explain that it was on inside out on purpose, and that I can, in fact, dress myself.
I had to hem this skirt myself because it was a really unflattering length when I bought it, but since then it's become a staple of my office-appropriate clothes, since the color goes with everything and it has POCKETS. I am in extreme shopping mode right now but am having to suppress the urge, as Charlotte's annual checkup is looming and I think she also has an eye infection. Why you gotta hate, real life????

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