Paging Anna K.

dress- Forever 21
flats- Target
music- Anna Karina- Rollergirl

As you might have already noticed, I have a rather strong affinity for nautically inspired clothes. This dress is one of my very favorites, because it reminds me so much of my ultimate style icon/fantasy doppelganger/bang & eyeliner inspiration, Anna Karina. (I held up my hair so you could better see the neckline detail.) As legend has it, she styled herself in her own clothes in Alphaville, AND THEY ARE THE BEST SAILOR CLOTHES OF ALL TIME.

She is the former Mrs. Godard, and starred in several of his best(in my humble opinion) films. Speaking of, the Brooks is showing Vivre Sa Vie sometime this month(need to find out the exact date) and I am very excited! Wish my thick thick hair didn't so vehemently reject the Louise Brooks haircut that she has in that movie that I tried out 4 or so years ago. Despite oppressing me with its familiarity and 14 same faces I've been looking at since I was 15 years old, Memphis has some good things going on in the next few months. Like multiple Nouvelle Vague films at the Brooks, EARTH AT THE HITONE I AM GONNA BE DEAF AFTERWARDS BUT IT'LL BE WORTH IT, and Gonerfest. I'm kinda sad that it will still be far too hot to wear flannel to the Earth show, but I'll figure something out.
I really want to take a trip. A road trip or a plane trip. Preferably to somewhere that doesn't have a heat index of 114 AT NIGHT.

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