Garden Party

dress- Modcloth
sandals- Modcloth
music- Coffin Lids- You Must Fight to Live(On the Planet of the Apes)

I wish I were going to a garden party in this dress(the weather is insanely beautiful today), but in reality, I am going to the Lamplighter. Oh well.
I'm branching out! I took these photos next to my brother's basil patch in my parents backyard. It's nice to get away from the brick corner that normally serves as my sad backdrop. I didn't mean to be so Modclothed, but sometimes it happens. I know everyone already knows about it, but it's still one of those websites I like to prowl nearly every day and fantasize about everything going on sale. As far as well-priced sweet little dresses go, you can't do much better!
I made a mango brown betty earlier that I am now eating with vanilla bean ice cream. Chopping mangoes is my new least favorite food-related chore!


  1. Lovely dress! It's perfect how you posed in a pretty floral dress by a garden. I really need to shop Modcloth more often!

  2. thank you! i love getting comments on here. your blog/style is adorable!

  3. love the bottom photo, jenny! it sums up summer perfectly :)

  4. oooh i was so excited to see so many posts! love the bottom pic too and yr tat :)