Rock n' Romp(er)

leather jacket- vintage
romper- H&M
tights- Target
spectators- Urban Outfitters

Hay there. I went through a few days of that familiar why-am-I-doing-this-blog feeling before I decided to just go with it. This outfit is from Monday(I think?). I found it comical that I was wearing a leather jacket while trying to be vegan. Epic vegan fail...that's all I'm gonna say. Never again will I be foolish enough to attempt life without buttah. This second picture is an attempt to show the neat hardware details on this jacket...maybe next time when I wear it I'll get some better shots!
This romper is one of those things I wear on lazy days when I'm totally cool with feeling like a shapeless lump. Fortunately in the winter I can make it look slightly less sack-like by covering it up. Just had a revelation: everything I buy is either skintight or sack-like. Not sure what the implications of that are, oooohhh well. Today is 85 degrees again? A bit confusing. I did take advantage of the weather and make a banana granita earlier(still in the freezer, I'm being patient!). I can't really think of anything more to say because I am incredibly distracted by searching for vintage pastel Fiestaware on Etsy. Whoops

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