Electric Cowgirl

dress- Forever 21
scarf- thrifted
tights- Old Navy
boots- Target

Man I am crazy about these boots! I am even wearing them right now(with some scuzzy cutoffs and a striped shirt, and no one's gonna see it). I keep coming up with outfits while I'm laying in bed trying to fall asleep, and when I wake up and don them the next morning, they invariably look totally different than what I had in mind. Does this happen to anyone else? In my pre-sleep haze, this outfit seemed very chic and subtly colorful, but in reality I looked a bit like an '80s clubbing cowgirl. DEFINITELY not what I intended. I forged on though and definitely looked like the craziest person at brunch at the Beauty Shop. Speaking of brunch and food, this vegan thing ain't working out. Not even for a week. I had no idea how integral cheese and butter are to my happiness, but turns out they are pretty essential. Being vegetarian(10 years and counting) is the easiest thing ever, but I have never been frowny in my life than in the past few days! GIMME AN OMELET STAT

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