First Fall Flannel

flannel- Target
dress- American Apparel
boots- Target
pin- from Alice

I am loving this weather! Perfect flannel conditions. I tried to tone down the overt sexiness of this dress with the boots and flannel, but you could still pretty much see everything I ate for breakfast through it. This is a large size from American Apparel. Sometimes I like to try and imagine just how pre-pubescent a person must be who wears their extra-small. Anyway, all I am really thinking about is how hungry I am since starting this 2 week vegan willpower test. I'm gonna eat a block of gouda the size of a 7" when this is through.
OH I ALMOST FORGOT-- my kitteh pin. Alice gave it to me and it is awesome. I haven't worn pins on my clothes since I was about 18(13th Floor Elevators pin on my jean jacket pretty much every day), but I'm feeling this cat one, despite the fact that it probably makes people who see it question my sanity.

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