Subtle Sailor

top- the Gap
leggings- American Apparel
wedges- Urban Outfitters

Uh oh, the day is fast approaching when I run out of nautical-related puns(don't worry, I've got a few tucked away for a rainy day). This is no good since that's pretty much all I ever wear(except the flannel I'm sportin right now). Wow. Maybe I should use more parentheses. This shirt has a tiny hole in the boob, kind of an unfortunate place for the fabric to rip. But in a move of thriftiness that would impress even my mother, I spotted it at the store like that and they gave me 25% of the price! I think it's expanding ever so slightly but I'm gonna ignore that til it gets to the point where I may get arrested if I wear it in public again.
This outfit is from Wednesday, and I'm happy to report the warm spell is OVER and the flannel and boots have been busted out AS I TYPE. I have been kinda worried about potential frostbite if/when I move to a colder city, but my always-stylin' pal Doug(who just moved to Montana, brrr) gave me some excellent advice: "build up a collection of neat flannel and you'll be set." Wise man. Though I gotta keep in mind that this is coming from a guy who wears wife-beaters well into the winter months.
Fun fact about this outfit: it prompted my dad to say "are you seriously not wearing any shorts or anything under there?". Yup dad, pantless and proud.

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