blouse- Forever 21
scarf- vintage
shorts- American Apparel
sandals- Modcloth

So there's a bit of indian summer happening right now, not really a big surprise considering my locale. Can't wait to cover up these legs with TIGHTS. A woman at the drive-thru actually said to me, "wow, I never thought I'd meet someone paler than me." Thanks lady, that's really what I need to hear at 6 a.m. Mercifully I have tomorrow off to let my body rest for longer than 4 hours without waking up every 20 minutes thinking HOLY SHIT I'M LATE. Maybe my post will be more inspired next time? Katherine and I are going to go vegan for a few weeks(or however long I last before collapsing in front of the fridge crying "BUTTER"), cause sometimes eating nothing but baked goods isn't really good for a gal.
Let's see, my outfit: too much leopard in mah life. Also, this is a pussy-bow blouse, which i put a wildcat-printed scarf over? OVERKILL

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