Yo Bro(gue)

dress- thrifted
brogues- Target

I HAVE GOT TO STOP WITH THE PUNS. Not sure it's possible. Anyway, as the title suggests, these are my new brogues. Target is on a roll with the shoes lately and I'm having a hard time resisting them! Since they're actually cute AND comfy, I wore these shoes to an 8-hour shift at work today...MISTAKE. I can barely walk now. I look like a 12-yr-old boy with my Vans(fitted with construction-worker-grade gel insoles) but at least they don't cripple me at the end of the day.
Back to the point: there is still a freak warm spell happenin' right now, and I wore this outfit on Wednesday to karaoke at the Poplar Lounge. I did Steely Dan's "Dirty Work" and Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young." I can belt the shit out of these tunes in my car, but I get really timid up in front of people, even though I can hold notes fairly well. As the karaoke host told me while playing a foam guitar, "we gotta make you more aggressive." Amen dude.

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