color day 1: red

dress- thrifted
belt- Target
boots- thrifted

I've been in a bit of a clothes rut this past week, despite the creepily beautiful weather, thus the lack of outfit posts. To pull myself out of it I've decided to challenge myself: 10 days of color! ROYGBIV plus pink, white, and black(the last two being the most important colors in my wardrobe, ha). I feel brighter already! Again, I'm dressing like a mod cartoon with my very favorite boots, but I gotta say, it's really fun. You should give it a go sometime! Tonight I'm deigning to leave my house for a show for the first time in a while. What kind of magical event could compel me to do such a thing, you ask?!? Redondo Beat at the Lamplighter, bartended by the wonderful Katherine! Hope you have a fun night too.
<3 (is that obnoxious? do I care?)

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