red, wink, and blue

cardigan- My Baby Jo
dress- Forever 21
tights- ?(yes, those are tights, not my legs- thx, mgmt)
boots- given to me by Christie

Oh yeah, I bet you didn't think I could get any cheesier, did ya?? Well guess again friends! I realized that I am much more likely to take outfit photos if I'm letting myself goof off instead of attempting some Lookbook-style pouty seriousness(not that I ever tried too hard to do that!). I do love a theatrical wink, particularly when paired with the more classic pin-up style items in my wardrobe, like the '50s-tattoo-bird sweater and the boobtastic '40s-style sailor dress. I have basically been wearing a variation on this outfit for the past 3 days and I really need to vary it up. I'm thinking of a ROYGBIV week, even though honestly I don't have a clue what truly qualifies as indigo. Stay tuned!

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