jean jacket- Old Navy
dress- thrifted
belt- from Mom's closet
wedges- Modcloth
music- Mercury Rev- Chasing the Bee

And here I am as the opposite of yesterday's post, wearing my standard black, blue and polka dots ALL IN ONE GO. I started with the jacket on this morning and had to wear it all day at work, which is approximately the temperature of a meat locker, but by the time I was unshackled from my desk at the end of the day to go buy corn syrup(ew?) for the chocolate bourbon pecan pie(THINK ABOUT IT) that I'm gonna make shortly, it was way too hot for it. Wow, that was a run-sentence to end all run-on sentences. Let me take a breath.
Christie and I were talking last weekend about how a denim jacket is the ultimate topper, as it goes with anything excepting more denim...no Canadian tuxedos here please. (To be fair, in the week I spent in Canada, I did not see a single soul sporting this look). And since I pretty much consider polka dots a neutral as well(crazy person talk, I know), this outfit is like my version of beige.

I've worn these shoes twice in the past week...they are shaping up to be my Shoes of the Summer. I'll try to refrain from wearing them every day. And YE GADS, tear your eyes away from my pasty legs before they burn a hole in your retinas. Pasty is not even the appropriate word here...I quote my genius brother once again in saying "we make milk look tan."

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  1. "this outfit is like my version of beige." love it!