top- Urban Outfitters
shorts- cut up from some old Levi's pants in about 2004
shoes- Urban Outfitters
music- Led Zeppelin- The Song Remains the Same

I'm sorry I'm getting flaky with this! But I guess it's better late than never. Here are some shots from Saturday. Please ignore the uber-creepy look I'm giving you in that second photo...wasn't sure how to get a good image of the backless top. I'm sort of obsessed with backless and/or cut-out things...they provide an element of intrigue in an outfit as seemingly vanilla as this one. Thank god I don't have much going on in the rack area, because I'm not sure how you would wear a bra with a shirt like this. I guess you could buy some pasties? Thanks but no thanks on those...I'd rather take the Gloria Steinem route. I put some braids in my hair, which take forever to do but have a fun nostalgic Heidi effect(pretty sure it would be too literal if I were blonde). On the down side, I look like Coolio when I untangle and undo them.

Speaking of nostalgia, Katherine and I went to see my two favorite artists from when I was but a wee thing in freshman year of high school, Pete Yorn and Ben Kweller. Surprisingly they both heavily mined their circa-2001 back catalogs and I actually knew most of what they played! I just took one shot of BK(you can see Katherine and me, taking the photo, in the piano!), and I was too blinded by Pete Yorn's be-cardigan-ed beauty to get a picture. I did, however, attempt to capture some very interesting styling choices in the magical/mental A. Schwab's display window. Still not sure how to pull off sheer granny-panties filled with packing peanuts or chain mail with a wig-included Rastafarian hat...maybe I'll see it soon on the Face Hunter


  1. YESSSSS Best post ever! First of all, cute photos--uncluding the sneaky back peak and the braids shot. I really liked your 'do that night. I am so glad that you captured Ben Kweller in that shot, as well as the peanut panties and chain mail Rastafarian dominatrix!! Love your writing!

  2. aw thanks! i cannot stop giggling about those underwear filled with peanuts