Creeping Back

top- Target
skirt- H&M
wedges- Modcloth
music- The King Khan & BBQ Show- Love You So

Hey there...I know you probably thought I was outta commission for good, but here I am again! Back with a BANG, oh ho!(BAD, BAD, I know). Just in time for you to witness the complete takeover of my closet by nautically themed clothes...it was bound to happen.
These bangs are definitely a work in progress, as anyone who's had them before knows. Every day at work I keep sneaking to the bathroom with scissors to try and fix them but I think I need to stop before I end up scalping myself.
I still don't have a computer and am having to use my parents, so my updates might be sporadic, and I've half forgotten how to write, but hopefully it'll come back to me. However, a really crazy SVU is on and I can't concentrate...ya know how it goes.


  1. In German, bangs are called "pony." My grandmother and I talked about my pony for 10 minutes one day before I realized that she meant bangs and not ponytail. Bangs is such a weird word!