Belated Easter Egg

cardigan- Target
top- Urban Outfitters
skirt- thrifted
spectators- Urban Outfitters
music- Memphis Goons- Children of Danger

Since I spent the majority of Easter hungover, reading Harry Potter and eating Reese's peanut butter eggs in bed, I didn't get to dress up for it. But spring always makes me want to wear color(even though the majority of my closet is black), and no colors are better than Easter pastels. I want to decorate my house with them(lavender! mint! buttercup! periwinkle!), but seeing as how I'm extremely uncertain about my living situation after next month that's not really an option at the moment. So I'll wear them instead. This cardigan had a really unattractive faux-homemade-looking reject quilt patch with a bird stitched on it on the upper left hand side...I promptly took the seamripper to that. I'm definitely of the mind that extraneous details on an inexpensive garment tend to make it look just plain cheap. This top is, once again, a backless one, but that shit don't fly at my work(har har, maybe I'll wear it just to get fired...might be a plan). The denim skirt was thrifted many moons ago at the Bibles for China thrift store(why China? guess it has a better ring to it that Bibles for Mozambique).
Is it bad I think that specators pretty much go with everything? These were the closest approximation I could get to my beloved spectator wedges thrifted in Murfreesboro that I progressively wore out and abused until a night in 2007 where I threw my heart-shaped flask(and my entire body apparently) into a very thorny bush(no clue why). They had to be tossed after that. Now that I'm done running head(flask?)-first into hedges, I'm hopeful that this pair will last a while.
Whew...sorry for the manic writing style...it's been a long day/week/month.

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