Friday again

shirt- Banana Republic
skirt- Chloe Loves Charlie
flats- Target
music- Kings of Leon- King of the Rodeo (this whole album is an awesome, sleazy, catchy, very guilty pleasure...but like Samson, once they cut their hair they lost all their strength, and all the stuff after this is boring and shitty)

This shade of green clashes horribly with my hair and skin tone, but I guess I couldn't resist dipping my toe(just one toe!) into the Balmain ripped army green t-shirt thing last spring with this shirt. Though of course, not ripped...pre-distressed stuff makes me cringe. I unfortunately can get my clothes and shoes plenty worn out in a remarkably short amount of time without any outside help.
I bought this skirt specifically to have something that I was positive would be work-appropriate and go with everything, but they told me it was too short! I have been ignoring that and wearing it anyway. Since I'm seen by about two people per day I really don't think I'm going to incite a riot with a skirt that's two inches above my knees, but nine years of Catholic school had nothing on this office. Ok, lest this turn into a blog where I only air my grievances about work(my days there are numbered), I'll stop. I have to go take Charlotte to get her nails did...always an epic battle of wills, gotta have my wits about me.
P.S.- Also, totally unrelated--Elizabeth introduced me to the most amazing Mexican ice cream place on Summer Ave.(best street in the city for eatin'). I got key lime with crunched up Mexican graham cracker cookies in it and it was so good! It was cheap, I can't pronounce the name, the colors and flavors were beautiful(not so sure about pineapple and cheese though), and it's open late-- it may become my summer(both season and street) hangout.


  1. la michoacana! i love the mango-chili paletta!

  2. i am not gonna lie---i LOVE all of the new kings of leon. last early spring semester was my king of leon obsession, i was sooo behind with them. i like all their old stuff too. new stuff is sleazy too ;P

  3. kanye west in a song says he is the king of leon. i really like him. (i'm GPing all up in here)

  4. yes! that was the ice cream place! i had to ask the cashier what every single flavor was since the colors were insane and nothing was labeled. i can't wait to go back already!
    maybe i can't judge, cause i haven't really heard any later kings of leon since aha shake, except for the radio hits which i find bad bad bad...plus i like to think they lost their power when they lost their hair. KING OF LEON

  5. LOVE your bit about Samson! so clever and true. KOL will always have a place in my heart, but 'sex on fire'? really? no. the best stuff was youth and young manhood and aha shake heartbreak. and you're right about la michoacana. larissa brought me back a mango-cream pop and it was divine.

  6. 1. La Michoacana SHOULD be your new summer hangout (it's already mine).

    2. Have I seen that skirt in person? I love it.

    3. I remember when KOL was just beginning....memories.