cardigan- Banana Republic
romper- Forever 21
shoes- Urban Outfitters
music- Monks- Love Came Tumblin' Down

I felt strangely and unintentionally patriotic yesterday...perhaps it was all the blue and white n the outfit and the red cherry pie I made(doesn't that seem even more all American than apple pie for some reason?). I have never made a double crust pie from scratch before and I was really pleased with how it turned out!(the crust moreso than the pie).

I am quite fond of this romper even though my ass sort of hangs out of it...maybe it's because it looks nautical(I am really easy to please). However, due to the inordinate amount of leg(and ass) shown when I wear it I attempted some modesty with a cardigan(not sure if it worked). I accidentally took these pictures with the flash on, and I think if I were any whiter I would be transparent...

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