UNhappy Monday(s)

cardigan- Old Navy
scarf- vintage
dress- American Apparel
socks- Old Navy
boots- Old Navy
music- Mission of Burma- Fame and Fortune

I'll be honest. This is what I dress like most days when I feel like a lumpy dumpling and I know I'm not going to be seen by anyone but co-workers and Charlotte(who thankfully does not judge). By that I don't mean OD-ing on Old Navy(that was unintentional), but black and booted and lazy. I am just so tired of the rain! It's really hard to get inspired when all I wanna do is break out the little dresses and the espadrilles and shorts(not that I wait for warm weather to break those out). I'm also somewhat concerned about Memphis getting totally flooded if it doesn't stop raining....but mainly I just want to stop wearing boots(terrible, I know). I tried to add an interesting detail to this pretty boring outfit with the lace-edged socks..I wear them a lot in winter over tights to stay warm, since I'm staunchly anti-pant. I'm afraid my legs are going to atrophy from lack of use, what with sitting at work all day and not really being able to walk anywhere in the rain. That'll be an interesting look.

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