Mod Outlaw

dress- thrifted
scarf- thrifted
boots- Target
music- The Woolies- Who Do You Love

The weather had me grumbling again while getting dressed this morning, but I'll spare you from my complaints because it's since gotten sunny! When I looked in the mirror after getting dressed I realized I looked like a mod bank robber. I really like wearing neck scarves this way for a little outlaw touch to a simple workday outfit(I've gotta spice it up somehow). I have a hard time working these boots into outfits since they're so high...I feel too Pretty Woman if I wear them with shorts and no tights, and most dresses I have go to the knee and would look super odd with boots. However, this dress(a thrift favorite I've worn before on here) works perfectly. On a different topic, I think I might need a professional to deal with my bangs. Probably cutting them myself with the same scissors I use to cut open bags of dog food with was not the wisest decision, albeit a noble effort to save money.
P.S.- I went to make a donation in honor of my mom for Mother's Day(she doesn't read this blog, no worries) and hung out with the most amazing, funny, fat, happy dog named Tim, who has been there for 4 years(SO SAD). He arrived there after having been shot in the leg but it did not dim his personality at all! Charlotte doesn't like other dogs much, so I'm a one-dog girl, but if you know someone looking for a dog send them Tim's way! I am sort of in love with him and am going to regularly check to see if he has been adopted.

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