Getting Fancy

dress- vintage
spectators- Forever 21
music- Mouse- A Public Execution

Check it out! Proof positive that I do, in fact, leave the house! To toast my friend Katherine getting her master's degree/leaving for a month-long trip of a lifetime to Europe, we went to The Cove, one(yes, there are multiple) of Memphis' nautically-themed bars, with incredibly expensive(yet tasty) drinks. Fitting in with the nautical idea I got the world's briny-est sandwich with anchovies and capers...I feel like salt is still oozing out of my pores. Unbelievably, I did not seize upon the bar's theme and dress like a sailor(I know, right?!?!?!), but decided to get fancy instead. I bought this '60s cocktail dress at an antique store in Nashville a few years ago. Most of the time clothing at antiques markets consists of moth-eaten furs and odd hats, so I was really happily surprised to find this dress. There's a skin-tight dress layer underneath topped with a pleated, cape-like sheer overlay, which snaps up the back and is a total bitch to put on alone, but looks awesome enough to make up for it. While I appreciate the complexity and quality of old clothes like these, they clearly were not designed for single ladies, because I spent 20 minutes fumbling in vain and practically pulling my shoulder out of its socket to snap up the back of this thing, all the while dearly wishing that Charlotte had opposable thumbs. And, you know, a mastery of English to understand my plea for help.
I'm going to try and post more pictures on here than just the one of me looking goofy in my backyard every day, despite the fact that my camera makes it difficult for anything to look good(and that I'm a terrible photographer!). We'll see how/if this resolution holds!

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